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HPT 5000 / 7000

USBL tracking and communications transceivers

Engineered for: USV, Vessel

HPT 5000 / 7000 are acoustic and telemetry transceivers designed for use with Ranger 2 USBL and Marksman LUSBL systems. HPT 5000 enables targets offer wide range of water depths to be tracked; HPT 7000 is optimised for noisy DP drilling and construction vessels and in deep water.

At a glance

Use with Ranger 2 USBL and Marksman LUSBL systems

Can also be used to communicate and harvest data from Sonardyne sensors

Hemispherical (HPT 5000) or directional (HPT 7000) arrays to suit your vessel and application

Can be deployed other-the-side, through-tube or through-hull

Suitable for new-build vessels or USBL/LUBL upgrade for your existing vessel

Track anything, to any range

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When it comes to USBL and LUSBL transceivers, one model does not fit all situations and vessels. For Ranger 2 and Marksman installations, our HPT (High Performance Transceiver) is available two primary configurations.

HPT 5000
HPT 5000 offers full hemispherical acoustic coverage so is a popular choice for tracking multiple targets  (ROVs, AUVs, towfish, seafloor sensors) over a wide range of depths and elevations. The unit is also suitable for dynamic positioning reference on survey, research and offshore support vessels.

HPT 7000
HPT 7000 is engineered for ultra-deepwater operations, tracking targets far below (rather than to the side) of a vessel, and also high vessel noise operating environments as those typically encountered on DP drilling and construction where aeration from thrusters is liable to cause signal interference.

Both models of transceiver fully support 6G LBL operations using Fusion 2 LBL software. They are also highly capable acoustic communications modems, able to interrogate, command and recover data payloads from deployed Sonardyne instruments including AMTs and Fetch. Supporting telemetry rates of up to 9,000 bps minimises the time a vessel has to wait on location to recover data. as well as supporting LBL operations.

HPT 5000 / 7000 are also available in Gyro USBL configurations offering calibration-free installation and use.

All HPTs are built on our 6G technology platform which multi-element processing to enable transponders to be positioned more precisely, more quickly and more robustly due to improvements in signal processing algorithms and array design.

Functionality such as ‘Discovery Mode’ enables vessels equipped with Ranger 2 and Marksman to enter an offshore area and automatically detect previously deployed transponders (including their configured address and channel), making simultaneous operations using shared seabed arrays possible.

Manufactured in aluminium-bronze, HPTs are intended to be fitted temporarily or permanently to a vessel’s through-hull or over-the-side pole. HPT 5000s (including Gyro USBL 5000s) have also been fitted to large USVs for uncrewed missions controlled from over-the-horizon.

For specialist applications, Inverted USBL, LMF frequency and extreme depth range HPT transceivers are also available. Please speak to us about your requirements.


Feature Type 8142-001 Type 8142-002 
(Deepwater optimised unit)
Operational Frequency MF (20–34 kHz) MF (20–34 kHz)
Transceiver Performance Operating Range Up to 7,000 m Up to 7,000 m
Acoustic Coverage Up to ± 90° Up to ± 90º Optimised for deep water (depending on frequency of operation)
Range Precision Better than 15 mm Better than 15 mm
Positioning Repeatability All transceivers tested to better than 0.1% of slant range 1 Drms All transceivers tested to better than 0.07% of slant range 1 Drms
Transmit Source Level (dB re 1 µPa @ 1 m) 200 dB 200 dB
Tone Equivalent Energy (TEE) 206 dB (13 JA) 206 dB (13 JA)
Electrical 48 V dc (±10%), Typical 15 W, Max 120 W 48 V dc (±10%), Typical 15 W, Max 120 W
Communication RS485, baud rate switchable, ethernet 100 Mbps RS485, baud rate switchable, ethernet 100 Mbps
Operating Temperature -5 to 40°C -5 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 45°C -20 to 45°C
Mechanical Construction Aluminium bronze Aluminium bronze
Dimensions; Length x Diameter 322 x 225 mm 391 x 310 mm
Weight in Air/Water 26.7/15.3 kg 46.9/29.0 kg
Options Tilted array adaptor Tilted array adaptor

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Track anything, to any range