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How to enter Transceiver & Lodestar Offsets for Optimised USBL

31 May 2022

This describes the offsets to be entered for transceiver and Lodestar when configured for Optimised USBL in Ranger 2 or Marksman software, when using a standard-length Type 7950 Deployment Machine.

This document assumes that the Type 7950-400 Lodestar mounting bracket (part no: 875-2488) is used, shown in blue in the sketch below, and mounted to the guide plate on top of the pole.

Dimensions of a standard Type 7950 Deployment Machine are shown below.

However, to calculate Lodestar to transceiver height offsets, further details are required.

Item Height
Deployment Pole (Standard) 4590 mm
Transceiver Insulation Flange 10 mm
Lodestar Mounting Bracket thickness 6 mm
Guide Plate thickness 10 mm
TOTAL 4616 mm

Typically, two types of transceiver are fitted to the Deployment Pole:

  • Type 8142-000-01 HPT 5000
  • Type 8142-000-02 HPT 7000
Transceiver Height
Type 8142-000-01 HPT 5000 322 mm
Type 8142-000-02 HPT 7000 391 mm

The Lodestar has a centre-of-axis point, and this should be used as its height offset.


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