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Pioneering underwater technology to underpin your pioneering research

From the littoral zone to the deepest oceans, our technology is at work with organisations like yours; gathering and delivering your data – responsibly and sustainably.

Coastal and ocean observation requires a broad spectrum of technologies and techniques to enable data collection on a variety of spatial and temporal scales, ranging from physical collection of samples by divers, corers and vehicles, to long-term remote and autonomous observatories.

We deliver both off-the-shelf and tailored solutions to meet your science-at-sea requirements, solutions that are trusted globally by universities, research institutes, not-for-profit foundations, as well as MetOcean companies. By working hard to understand your needs, we make investing in, and integrating Sonardyne systems and instruments into your projects low risk and low cost while optimising outcomes.

Planning your next research project?

We can help you get the most from your budgets, instruments and time

Sustainable, safe, efficient

Efficient, smart, versatile
Our field-proven, low-risk technology is designed to let you achieve more with less instruments and scientists deployed at sea, efficiencies that save not just hours but days of research vessel time – and all without compromising data quality.

We’re aiming to become carbon neutral by the end of 2025, an ambitious goal which covers direct and indirect emissions, including those associated with manufacturing as well as supply chain activities, from our UK sites and operations. It cements our long-term commitment to being an environmentally responsible and sustainable company.

Remote and autonomous oceanography
Operating remotely and managing projects with less people offshore is becoming increasingly important, so we’ve created new products and services to be by your side, even when we can’t be. Innovations that be integrated by you to work on your vehicles, either from commercial companies or robots emerging from your labs.

Helping unlock the secrets of our blue planet

Our story began with a pioneering vision to make the future of working underwater better than the past.

This vision still guides our company today; a company that is 300 people strong across the globe, a company that puts everything it has into designing, building, testing, installing and supporting ground-breaking products and services for science-at-sea; a business that takes ownership, does the right thing and consistently delivers on the promises we make.

In this ocean decade, our future story is safe, sustainable and economic solutions for “the science we need for the oceans we want.”. Let’s understand the oceans better together.

Trust us to solve your underwater challenges in ocean science