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From discovery to decommissioning, we’re your life-of-field subsea technology provider

Our company is at work in almost every oilfield, supporting almost every phase of its development – safer, cleaner and more efficiently than ever before.

We’re able to help reduce the cost of seismic data acquisition with solutions designed to simultaneously position thousands of cabled hydrophones, or track, command, and communicate with swarms of flying seabed nodes.

Survey and inspection
Our acoustic-inertial technology portfolio offers simplified solutions for site surveys and inspections utilising remote and autonomous vehicles, conventional vessels and uncrewed surface vessels – solutions that are helping to re-write the survey rulebook.

Managing risk, reducing complexity, reducing time offshore. Our trusted techniques and systems support your goals for installing and commissioning subsea structures in any water depth, with less equipment, in less time and with less people.

Asset integrity
Our expertise encompasses autonomous networks of seabed sensors monitoring structural vibration and safety critical control systems mounted on BOPs, to the detection, classification and localisation of hydrocarbon leaks, mooring line and riser monitoring. It’s also the ideal solution for monitoring your offshore CCS ensuring carbon remains captured.

Permanent seafloor surveillance, unpinned by our award-winning technology, unlock new insight into offshore reservoirs by identifying ways to optimise production, de-risk well placement and detect early signs of geo-hazards.

Vessel systems, including uncrewed
We’re able to extend the operational capability of your vessel,  reduce downtime and enable your team to remotely support offshore operations from onshore. And with solutions for uncrewed vessels, we can deliver your data faster, safer and more sustainably than ever before.

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Our experts help you do more with less

Sustainable, safe, efficient

Carbon neutral by 2025
We’re aiming to become carbon neutral by the end of 2025, an ambitious goal which covers direct and indirect emissions, including those associated with manufacturing as well as supply chain activities, from our UK sites and operations. It cements our long-term commitment to being an environmentally responsible and sustainable commercial partner to do business with.

Remote, over-the-horizon, uncrewed
Operating remotely and managing projects with less people at sea is more important than ever, so we’ve created new products and services to be by your side, event when we can’t be. Innovations such as ROAM which connects our experts to your team during live operations, and a fully managed data harvesting service using USVs.

Efficient, smart, quick
Our field-proven, low-risk technology is designed to let you achieve more with less hardware deployed on the seabed, efficiencies that save not just hours days but days of vessel time – and all without compromising the specifications set for your project.

Engineering the future of oilfield technology for over 50 years

Our story began with a pioneering vision to make the future of working underwater better than the past.

This vision still guides our company today; a company that is 300 people strong in six regional locations, a company that puts everything it has into designing, building, testing, installing and supporting ground-breaking products and services for energy; a business that takes ownership, does the right thing and consistently delivers on the promises we make.

Our future story is safe, sustainable and economic solutions for offshore oilfield development. Partner with us and be part of the next chapter.

Trust us to solve your underwater challenges in offshore energy