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AvTrak 6

Tracking, communications and relocation transceiver

Engineered for: AUV

The most versatile instrument you can fit to your AUV. Built for simple integration on medium to large AUV platforms, all-in-one functionality comes as standard with AvTrak 6. It allows your AUV to undertake simultaneous LBL ranging, USBL tracking via a surface vessel and robust telemetry for AUV to vessel and AUV-to-AUV communications.

At a glance

Combines tracking, communications, and emergency pinger functionality in one instrument

Track your AUV in USBL mode, localise it in LBL transponder mode

Bi-directional acoustic modem with user selectable data rates; 200-9,000 bps

Integrated outputs enable control of a release, burn-wire or drop-weight functions

Worried about onboard power interruption? AvTrak’s internal battery provides days of emergency vehicle relocation tracking

Choice of hardware configurations to simplify vehicle installation

Add AvTrak, add capability to your AUV

Want to find out more?

(L-R) Omni, directional and OEM configurations

All AvTrak 6s are built on our 6G low power platform

Wideband acoustic signals ensure robust performance in all environments

The OEM version provides ultimate flexibility when installing AvTrak in your vehicle

Why AvTrak 6 is perfect for your operations

For energy

Whether your operating a resident vehicle over-the-horizon or deploying an AUV for a pipeline inspection, AvTrak 6 is a key enabler for you oilfield and renewable projects

For defence

This technology provides amazing flexibility bringing together tracking, navigation aiding and secure battlespace communications into one low logistics payload that's perfect for covert unmanned missions

For science

AvTrak 6 is an excellent choice for your long-endurance ocean observation platforms, with the added ability to communicate and download data from seafloor sensor arrays


AvTrak 6 has been designed to form part of an integrated AUV tracking and navigation system. Built on our 6G hardware platform running secure Wideband 2 spread-spectrum signal processing, AvTrak 6 combines the functions of transponder, transceiver and telemetry link in one low power unit that meets the requirements of a wide variety of AUV mission scenarios and vehicle types.

The unit is fully compatible with our family of survey quality LBL and USBL navigation systems. AvTrak 6 supports Sonardyne Messaging Service (SMS) allowing USBL position fixes to be sent to the vehicle or for status messages to be retrieved from the topside system.

AvTrak 6 is available in a variety of configurations to help meet a range of mission profiles. A popular option is an omni-directional unit with integral or remote transducer options. For operations at depth, an integral directional transducer option is common. AvTrak 6’s flexible configuration is intended both to assist the AUV manufacturer with the mounting of the instrument within the AUV and to ensure the highest levels of acoustic performance. Low-medium frequency (LMF) and high-power (HP) versions of AvTrak 6 are also available.

An AUV equipped with AvTrak 6 can receive navigation updates from any 6G compatible USBL or LBL system, send status updates to multiple 6G instruments including other AUVs and synchronise clocks with other 6G instruments to better than 50 microseconds as standard.

That’s not all, there is an option to include a HPR400 Series tone for compatibility with a variety of other acoustic systems and transponders and another option to enable a RSPSK Modem upgrade for large volume data transfers.

Simple to integrate to your AUV using our rich 6G protocols and command language and RS232 serial interface. Choose from over 600 independent acoustic addresses and work as part of a swarm if required.

Why invest


  • Combined transponder, transceiver, and telemetry link in one low power unit

  • Emergency burn-wire, drop-weight, or release options

  • Open interfaces and protocols

  • Supports AUV swarm operations


  • Depth rated to 3,000 m and 7,000 m

  • Effective data transfer rates between 200 and 9000 bps

  • Emergency battery life 30 days

  • Range precision better than 15 mm

  • LMF (14-19 kHz) and MF (19-34 kHz)


  • Different configurations including omni-directional and directional transducers

  • Integrated depth sensor supports horizontal tracking

  • Low power and compact for ease of integration

  • OEM option also available


  • What’s in the box: AvTrak 6 and manual

  • Warranty: 1 year return to Sonardyne service centre


Featured Type 8220-3111 Type 8220-7212
Depth Rating 3,000 m 7,000 m
Operating Frequency MF (20–34 kHz) MF (20–34 kHz)
Transducer Beam Shape Omni-directional Directional
Transmit Source Level (re 1 µPa @ 1 m) High Power 187 dB 193 dB
Low Power 181 dB 187 dB
Tone Equivalent Energy (TEE)1 WBv2+ High Power 193 dB 199 dB
Low Power 187 dB 193 dB
Range Precision Better than 15 mm Better than 15 mm
Depth Sensor ± 0.5% full scale ± 0.5% full scale
Communications Interface RS232 (9,600–115,200 baud) RS232 (9,600–115,200 baud)
External Supply Voltage 24 or 48 V dc (± 10%) 24 or 48 V dc (± 10%)
External Power Sleep ~650 mW ~650 mW
Wideband Listening ~1 W ~1 W
Battery Charging 6 W 6 W
Peak (During Transmission) <50 W <50 W
Battery Life (Li-ion 15 V) Listening 30 days <50 W
Continuous 5 Sec Interrogation Approx. 6 days at low power Approx. 6 days at low power
Operating Temperature -5 to 40ºC -5 to 40ºC
Storage Temperature -20 to 55ºC -5 to 40ºC
Mechanical Construction Anodised aluminium alloy and plastic Anodised aluminium alloy and plastic
Dimensions (Diameter x Length) 93 x 500 mm 97 x 513 mm
Weights in Air/Water2 5.1/2.2 kg 7.0/3.5 kg
Options Remote, cable connected transducer Right-angle connector Right-angle connector

Manuals and quick start guides

Software and firmware

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Add AvTrak, add capability to your AUV