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Can I get USBL position updates from my AUV with Ranger 2/ Mini-Ranger 2?

24 June 2021

A new feature in the latest release of Ranger 2/ Mini-Ranger 2 software allows an AUV fitted with an AvTrak 6 or AvTrak 6 Nano transceiver to receive USBL position updates on every navigation cycle.

This can be used to provide high update rate USBL aiding to a navigation system – something that’s particularly important during descent when the vehicle’s navigation system has no Doppler velocity bottom lock aiding, i.e. operating on free-inertial.

In addition to receiving high update USBL position observation, the feature allows the AUV to pass status information into the AvTrak 6’s data buffer, which is then retrieved automatically on the next navigation cycle and forwarded to the user’s topside mission control software.

It is also possible for the mission control software to substitute bespoke commands such as requesting the AUV status, emergency abort, navigation status and snippets of observed data for QC.

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