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BlueComm 200

Underwater optical communications and data transfer modem

Engineered for: AUV, ROV, USV

BlueComm 200 provides a wireless optical subsea link to your underwater assets. Impressive data rates mean you can run true wireless operations. Optical communications enable up to 10 Mbps data transfer at ranges up to 150 m even in high ambient light operations.

At a glance

2.5 to 10 Mbps at ranges up to 150 m

Suitable for moderate to low turbidity dark water (>200 m depth or night-time) applications

Data recovery by AUV, ROV, USV or surface deployed dunker system

Up to 4,000 m depth operation

Send data at the speed of light

Want to know more?

Small, easy to mount optical transmitter

Titanium and glass construction

Separate receiver ensures interference free connectivity

Choice of standard and ultra-violet models depending on operational environment

Why BlueComm 200 is perfect for...

For energy

Tetherless vehicle operations around complex seafloor infrastructure is now possible thanks to BlueComm 200 with a bi-directional link that's suited for ROV command and control.

For defence

There's no need to recover your underwater networks. Covertly harvest large amounts of data fast and efficiently from your surveillance arrays with Bluecomm 200.

For science

BlueComm 200 is ideal for operations such as live video streaming during underwater excursions, opening up science missions to the global audience in real-time.


BlueComm 200 uses an array of high power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are rapidly modulated to transmit data. It uses a separate photomultiplier tube as its receiving element. The photomultiplier tube allows sensitive receive capability and communication ranges of up to 150 m.

Due to the sensitivity of the photomultiplier receiver, the emitter is housed separately to prevent self-interference. All BlueComm 200 modems provide subsea wireless optical communications up to 10 Mbps. Two versions of the BlueComm 200 are available, operating at different wavelengths.

The allocation of bandwidths is ideal for applications where high-speed data transfer is mostly required in only one direction such as for extraction of large data volumes from seafloor instrumentation or sensors.

Optical data transmission is highly efficient, enabling more than nine gigabytes of data to be transferred using only the energy contained in a single Lithium D sized battery cell.

BlueComm 200 or BlueComm 200 UV?
BlueComm 200 operates using visible light. Visible light can travel significant distances through water meaning that BlueComm 200 has a range of up to 150 m. This makes it an excellent tool for wireless transfer of video and direct control of a vehicle in AUV applications. It is also ideal for data harvesting applications. Using BlueComm 200, an AUV or ROV can transfer large volumes of data up to ten thousand times quicker than acoustics. Artificial lights and sunlight can interfere with BlueComm 200 and that would limit its operating range.

BlueComm 200 UV works just like BlueComm 200, however it uses a shorter wavelength in the ultra-violet spectrum. This means that it can operate even in the presence of artificial lights. Operating in the UV spectrum, BlueComm 200 UV can work at ranges of up to 75 metres. It is best suited for ROV or AUV applications that require the use of lights, for example, when recording video.

Why invest


  • 450 nm (royal blue), 405 nm (UV) optical wavelength

  • 180° (omni-directional) beam pattern

  • 10 W / 15 W receiver/transmitter optical transmit power


  • Titanium and glass construction

  • Subconn connectors

  • 5.7 kg weight in water, emitter and receiver


  • 2.5 - 10 Mbps data rate

  • 4000 m depth rating

  • up to 150m optical communication range


  • What's in the box: two sets of one emitter and one receiver, two test cables and manual

  • Warranty: 1 year return to Sonardyne service centre

  • ITAR Controlled: No

  • UK Export License: Not required


Feature Type 8361 BlueComm 200 Type 8361 BlueComm 200 UV
Depth Rating Type 8361 BlueComm 200 UV Up to 4,000 m operation
Data Rate 2.5–10 Megabits per second 2.5–10 Megabits per second
Optical Communication Range Up to 150 m Up to 75 m
Materials Anodized aluminium or titanium Anodized aluminium or titanium
Supply Voltage 24–36 V dc 24–36 V dc
Communications Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (static IP address) 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (static IP address)
Command Interface Graphical user interface or Ethernet UDP command set Graphical user interface or Ethernet UDP command set
Receiver Unit
Receive Wavelength Broadband visible light UV (band pass filter blocking visible light)
Receive Angle 180° (omni-directional) 180° (omni-directional)
Power Consumption 10 W 10 W
Receiver Weight in Air/Water 7.3/3.1 kg 7.3/3.1 kg
Emitter Unit
Optical Transmit Power 6 W (radiated light) 6 W (radiated light)
Optical Wavelength Options 450 nm (royal blue), 400–800 nm (white) 450 nm (royal blue), 400–800 nm (white)
Emitter Beam Pattern 180° (omni-directional) 180° (omni-directional)
Power Consumption 15 W (bandwidth allocation dependant) 30 W (bandwidth allocation dependant)
Emitter Weight in Air/Water 3.6/2.6 kg 3.6/2.6 kg
Environmental and Dimensions
Operating Temperature Range -5 to 40ºC -5 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 55ºC -20 to 55°C
Dimensions (Length x Diameter) Receiver 384 x 136 mm 384 x 136 mm
Emitter 199 x 136 mm 199 x 136 mm

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Send data at the speed of light