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Acoustic and optical communications family

Seabed to shore. Your data delivered.

Our acoustic and optical technologies connect you to your underwater sensors without the need for expensive connectors and vulnerable cables.

With a choice of Modem 6, 6G and BlueComm technology platforms, whatever water depth, bandwidth, budget, power source and functionality you need for your data transfer project, there’s a field-proven, low-risk solution. From simple to complex, we connect you to your underwater data.

Underwater communications. Your data delivered

We're able to transfer data wirelessly at incredible speeds; so fast in fact you can stream live underwater HD video

Underwater cables are expensive and easily damaged. Reduce your risk and costs by going wireless

Ship, small survey boat, buoy or unmanned surface craft. Our topsides data recovery options fit your setup

High security wireless data transfer

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Underwater Communications. Your Data Delivered

BlueComm 200

A through-water wireless optical communication system developed to transmit subsea data, stream video and perform tetherless vehicle control. Supports data rates of up to 10 Mbps.

Depth Up to 4,000 m
Data rate 2.5 to 1000 Mbps
Range 0.3 to 150 m
Beam Omni directional
Network 10/100 Base T Ethernet

Modem 6 (subsea)

A reliable and cost-effective tool for simple point-to-point wireless underwater sensor data transfer. Use it with multi-parameter loggers, current profilers, CTDs and more. 200-9,000 bps delivered error-free.

Depth Up to 5,000 m
Data rate Up to 9,000 bps
Baud Up to 115,200
Transducer Omni and directional
Types Topside, underwater & OEM


For complex, long duration data harvesting projects possibly involving precise positioning, on-board sensors and multi-node array telemetry. Use Fetch sensor logging node, also consider AMT and SMART.

Depth Up to 6,000 m
Battery life Up to 10 years (Fetch)
Frequency MF/LMF
Transducer Omni and directional
Sensors Multiple options

High security wireless data transfer