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Tracking and communications

Precise underwater tracking of unattended sensors, instrument platforms and underwater vehicles is fundamental to undertaking energy, defence and science projects at sea. Fit Sonardyne and you can track your targets in any water depth, and also communicate with them.

What our tech can do for you

11 km

Track ROVs, AUVs, towfish to the deepest part of the ocean


Our digital signal technology works all environments – deep or shallow

9000 bps

Fast and robust communications performance


Up to 99, simultaneously tracked targets

Tracking and communications

When you deploy divers, instruments or underwater vehicles, we provide the capability to track their every move, communicate with them and even receive data back from them – all wirelessly. The hardware is easy to install and use and thanks to our digital Wideband signal technology, it will work reliably in all operating environments – deep or shallow.

Mini-Ranger 2 and Ranger 2
Whether you’re operating far offshore or just off the coast, our family of Ultra- Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic tracking systems, Mini-Ranger 2 and Ranger 2, provide you with the capability to know exactly where multiple underwater targets are relative to your vessel’s position. Sail to a location, attach acoustic beacons to vehicles and divers, deploy them and track them. USBL is fast and efficient, so your vessel’s operations will be as well.

Mini-Ranger 2 has an operating range of 995 m (extendable to 4,000 m) and is ideal for temporary or permanent installation on smaller vessels. Ranger 2 can track targets to beyond 7,000 m and has the added capability of providing position reference data for vessels equipped with dynamic positioning systems.

AvTrak 6

Survey, research and military vessels regularly deploy autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and manned submersibles to support operations, including site inspections, salvage and mine clearance.

Equipping an AUV with AvTrak6 enables you to track its position and communicate with this valuable asset throughout its mission. It’s used in conjunction with a vessel-based Mini-Ranger 2 or Ranger 2 USBL and is available in three different sizes to suit large and small and large vehicles, including man-portable variants. If the vehicle develops a fault, AvTrak 6 can also be used to locate it.

Did you know we also supply inertial navigation, side scan sonars and high-speed optical modems for AUVs?

HPT Modem

If you need to harvest logged data from Sonardyne-equipped sensors on the seafloor or from underwater vehicles, as long as your vessel is equipped with a Mini-Ranger 2 or Ranger 2 system, then you already have the tool to do the job. That’s because HPT, the acoustic transceiver that’s used to track underwater targets, can also be used as an efficient and reliable acoustic modem. Versatility and operational efficiency comes as standard with our vessel-based technologies.

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