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Transforming remote, autonomous, uncrewed missions in the underwater battlespace

Capable, modern, effective. Our industry-trusted portfolio of undersea navigation, positioning, communication and imaging technologies provide naval forces with enhanced situational awareness across the underwater domain.

We deliver competitive advantage to navies and governments facing new, and increasingly capable underwater adversaries. With long endurance, wide payload capabilities and over-the-horizon control now a reality, uncrewed maritime systems are gearing up to replace expensive manned platforms, remove sailors from the frontline all the while improving mission outcomes. But to be effective in their mission they require effective command and control for the world’s most unforgiving environment, our oceans. That’s where we come in.

Maritime security
You’ll also find our solutions in service protecting critical national infrastructure, commercial ports, waterside facilities and private yachts from underwater threats. Our network-enabled systems are scalable and designed to work alone or integrated with above-water systems to close any gap in your surveillance capability. All backed by our global support.

Planning your next mission?

Trust us to solve your underwater challenges in maritime defence and security

Mission ready, whatever the mission

Efficient and cost-effective procurement
We understand the underwater domain but we also understand how to contract, design, manufacture, deliver and support products economically. The result? Research and procurement budgets reach further, missions are completed in less time and naval forces are equipped to protect their advantage in the underwater battlespace.

Integrated and uncrewed
Our navigation, communications and tracking technology, is deployed across seafloor ranges, on autonomous underwater and surface systems, and a range of specialist ships that include hydrographic, MCM and salvage and submarine rescue vessels. We provide accurate reference positioning, reconnaissance imaging data and high bandwidth secure communication networks helping you to command your underwater forces over-the-horizon.

Your data delivered
Effective decision making in the future battlespace will depend on actionable insight delivered where and when commanders need it. Our seafloor sensors are able to covertly acquire, store, analyse and securely distribute data to underwater and surface assets, remaining deployed unattended for many years. The technology is field proven and changes the game.

De-risking underwater domain awareness for over 50 years

Whether you are operating a swarm of autonomous vehicles mapping areas for mine-like objects or a glider gathering tactical oceanographic data, we provide the equipment to track, command and control your assets, reduce risk to personnel, improve decision making and deliver the operational endurance you need.

Our company is 300 people strong in six regional locations, a company that puts everything it has into designing, building, testing, installing and supporting ground-breaking products and services for defence and maritime security; a business that takes ownership, does the right thing and consistently delivers on the promises we make.

Trust us to solve your underwater challenges in defence and security