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Developer, user, operator? We’ll extend the reach of your marine robotic operations

Whether on the surface, under the water, alone or in collaborative fleets, we’re working worldwide with the leading developers and operators of marine robotics to extend the capabilities of their platforms across energy, defence and science.

Safer, greener, further
Surface and underwater robotic platforms open the door to new possibilities in every maritime sector, from searching out UXOs in offshore renewables to covertly monitoring the underwater battlespace.

They enable operations in waters that are difficult or impossible to reach with crewed platforms, but more than that, they deliver cost savings, safety benefits to personnel and positively contribute to carbon emission reductions in the global effort to achieve net zero. Using unmanned, remotely operated and autonomous marine robots for real-world commercial, scientific and naval missions, is now routine, a mainstream activity that’s growing exponentially.

Add Sonardyne, add capability
We deliver tracking, navigation, command, control and communication technologies for marine robotic systems of all types, shapes and sizes. Payloads that add extend operational capability, can be adapted to meet any mission, and come with the backing of factory integration, a global support network and unrivalled access to technologies from our sister companies.

Delivering a marine robotic system or solution?

We enable marine autonomous system tracking, navigation, command, control and communication in any domain. Our free guide sets out what you need to know from mission planning to vehicle selection

Design, integrate, engineer

From Micro to XLUUV
Marine robotic systems are becoming more useful, more reliable and more capable. However, one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why our subsea technologies have been designed to be compatible with vehicles of all sizes and capabilities; from micro AUVs to extra-large AUVs, from inspection-class ROVs to large uncrewed ships, and everything in between.

Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)
Robotic systems are increasingly being deployed on long duration missions, over the horizon. The smaller, lighter and more energy efficient the payload sensors these systems carry , the further a vehicle can travel, the more equipment it can carry, and the more complex missions it can carry out. As a prime integrator of payloads, we focus on engineering SWaP-optmised instruments, with multiple functions combined in one unit. So you can do more, with less complexity, and less risk.

Understanding the operating environment
Whether operating on the surface or down at 4,000 m, ocean robots must overcome extreme operating environments. We understand this challenge. Our instruments withstand the pressures of the deepest oceans. Our digital wideband communication signals can penetrate hostile acoustic environments to transfer data reliably and securely. And where off-the-shelf solutions aren’t quite right, we can design, test and manufacture tailor-made solutions.

Enabling manufacturers, owners and operators to achieve more with robots

Whether you are operating an over-the-horizon combined USV and UUV mission to inspect subsea infrastructure, a swarm of robots mapping areas for mine-like objects or a fleet of gliders gathering data to inform global models on climate change, we provide the equipment to track, command and control your marine robotics. Having Sonardyne inside will improve your data results and deliver the operational endurance you need.

Our company is 300 people strong in six regional locations, a company that puts everything it has into designing, building, testing, installing and supporting ground-breaking products for your marine robotic systems. A business that takes ownership, does the right thing and consistently delivers on the promises we make.


Developer, owner, operator. Discover how we can transform your robotic capability