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Naval test ranges

Naval evaluation and training ranges help answer vital questions about the performance and characteristics of undersea platforms covering the entire spectrum of simulated warfare. Our mission is to assist yours; we measure, we track, we monitor.

What our tech can do for you


Instant performance data about your platforms

10 years

Long-term unattended deployment and monitoring of your range


Flexibile system architecture that talks to your sensors


Integrated acoustic releases to speed up recovering your instruments

Subsea navigation and communication

Naval Ranges are critical in helping test and trial a nation’s new capabilities and also help troops test their mettle with their existing tools. The ranges have to design, research, develop, integrate, install, maintain and operate all test range instrumentation. They also need to provide ground-truth and communications to their users. That’s where we come in, when it comes to instrumenting the subsea for navigation and communication there’s no better choice than us.

Naval range data acquisition and communication

Our range of acoustic transceivers can be deployed subsea ad-hoc or permanently and can be used to store data from sensors and communicate via an acoustic link. If you need to rapidly reconfigure your range and cannot afford to use your existing cabled infrastructure then this is the solution you need. Mount sensors, instruments, deploy them, make measurements and upload the data remotely via the acoustic link. Long life batteries and flexible protocols enable simple integration of a wide range of instruments.

Naval range acoustic releases

Acoustic releases can be used for mooring ADCPs, hydrophones and a range of other instruments in variable water depths and can be supplied with rope canisters for recovering seabed equipment landers. Use screw-off mechanisms to ensure positive release even in high bio-fouling environments and highly secure coding sequences to prevent spurious release. Put any instrument on your range. Log your data. Trigger it to release it to the surface. The acoustic triggers can be used for a myriad other purposes, just talk to us about your requirements.

Need help finding the right solution for your range?

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