Nano – Small ROV, Drone, AUV & Diver Tracking

    160mm long by 52mm in diameter; USBL transponders don’t get much smaller than this.
    It may be small, but it’s big on performance; just like the Ranger 2 USBLs it works with.
    Fits in seconds to your divers and vehicles – then you’re all set to track them.
    Once you’re done for the day, recharge it using wireless charging. Simple.

    Think our transponders are too big to fit your vehicle? You might need to think again.

    Meet Nano, our smallest ever 6G-enabled positioning transponder. Use it with our Micro and Mini-Ranger 2 USBLs for keeping track of your divers, small AUVs and micro ROVs. Choice of depth ratings. Connector-less design. NFC charging. Features that are anything but small.

    Nano is our smallest ever USBL transponder designed to let you know where your divers, man-portable AUVs, underwater drones and ROVs are throughout their mission. Nano operates in the Medium Frequency (MF) band so is compatible with our family of Ranger 2 USBL topside systems; Micro, Mini and Standard.

    Measuring in around 160 mm in length, 52 mm in diameter and weighing in at just over 200 grams - depending on the exact version you’re using - Nano’s small enough to fit on the smallest of vehicles and light enough for a diver to barely know they’re carrying one.
    Nano’s built using the same Wideband 2 signal technology platform you’ll find in our award-winning 6G product line – Wideband 2. So you can expect reliable acoustic communications in all operating environments, accurate position fixes and a continuous stream of location updates.

    Nano features a connector-less design meaning there is no need to worry about damaging an underwater connector. Its recharged and programmed via the Nano Docking Station which takes around 12 hours to fully recharge the high capacity battery. This gives up to 15 hours of in-water use with a position update rate of once every five seconds.
    Two versions of Nano are available; a 300 metre, depth sensor equipped version and a 500 metre depth rated unit.

    Technical Features

    Why Nano


    • Sonardyne Wideband 2 keeps you connected with your subsea target wirelessly and effortlessly.
    • Support over 300 addresses. Perfect for busy crowded environments.
    • 19-34kHz frequency band. Compatible with Ranger 2 MF USBL systems.
    • Omni-directional beampattern. Suitable for high elevation tracking.


    • Max 160mm x 55mm, 218 grams weight in water (depth sensor version).
    • Polymer housing construction. Lightweight and robust. ROHS compliant.
    • NFC for charging and setup. No expensive underwater connector to damage.


    • 300m and 500m depth rated options
    • 750m slant range
    • 15 hours battery life (at 5 second update rates)
    • 10 days listening life
    • 12 hours recharge time


    • What’s in the box: Nano and QuickStart guide. Charger sold separately.
    • Warranty: 1 year return to Sonardyne service centre
    • ITAR Controlled: No
    • UK Export License: Not required

    More about this product

    Nano Transponder Specifications & DataSheet

    Feature Type 8262
    Depth Rating

    With pressure sensor: 300 m 
    Without pressure sensor: 500 m

    Frequency Band MF (19–34 kHz)
    Transducer Beam Shape Omni-directional ±130°
    Source Level (re 1 µPa @ 1 m) 184 dB
    Communication Interface USB connection to the Nano Docking Station
    Pressure Sensor 30 bar abs ±0.7% FS
    Charger (115/230 V ac )

    USB connection to the Nano Docking Station
    Recharge time: 12 hours using the 115/230 V ac charger (18 hours when docking station is connected to a PC1)

    Battery Life Quiescent >10 Days
    5 Second Ping Rate >15 Hours
    Operating Temperature -5 to 40°C
    Storage Temperature -20 to 55°C
    Mechanical Construction


    Dimensions (Length x Diameter)

    155 x 55.0 mm

    160 x 55.0 mm (with integrated pressure sensor)

    Weight in Air/Water

    458/140 g

    536/218 g (with integrated pressure sensor)

    1 The USB standard limits the maximum current to 500 mA


    Instrument Firmware

    Nano Firmware V3.11.00.04


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    User Manual - Nano
    QSG - Nano Operation

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