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How to complete a 6G Terminal Lite Range Test

Equipment Required

PC with the 6G Terminal Lite test program installed

Serial Cable for the specific beacon under test

2 6G beacons (1 x serially connected beacon and 1 x acoustic test beacon)


1  Connect the beacon serial cable to the beacon and the PC’s communication port. My example below is a AvTrak6 (serially connected) and Nano (acoustic test beacon).

2  Start 6G Terminal Lite and confirm communication with the beacon.

3  Make sure the Power/Gain settings is set to In Air Testing.

4  Select the Set button in the Range Test box.

5  Select the beacon address that will be acoustically interrogated.

6  Select OK.

7  Now select the Range Test button. You should hear the beacon connected to 6G Terminal Lite transmit an interrogation signal to the acoustic test beacon and hear a reply signal from the acoustic test beacon. The result will be displayed.

8  If the test fails:

a  Confirm the acoustic beacon power and gains settings are set to “In Air Testing”.

b  Adjust the distance between the beacons.

c  Confirm you can hear the interrogate and reply to signals

d  Try an alternative beacon or beacons.


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