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OEM and custom instruments

Buying subsea technology off-the-shelf don’t always fit your platform or function the way you them to. That’s why many of our instruments can be supplied without a housing for you to integrate or modified with bespoke capability.

What our tech can do for you


INS, DVL, tracking and communication hardware for any payload


The size of our combined tracking and communications AvTrak Nano OEM instrument


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Solutions that meet your size, weight and power targets

One size doesn’t fit all

Marine robotic systems have evolved to meet challenging ocean conditions, resulting in the development of systems that range from small, one-man portable vehicles to the very large platforms intended to replace ships. By engaging with leading manufacturers, we’ve now developed a range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions that can be easily integrated with your robot’s own pressure housing. The OEM range allows manufacturers the flexibility to integrate our class-leading solutions and make the most effective use of the space. Our engineering services, testing, trialling and training services are here to assist you every step of the way.

Tailor made

If the extensive range of OEM instruments doesn’t meet your requirement, at Sonardyne we’ll be happy to discuss a bespoke instrument for your AUV, ROV and USV. With over 45 years of experience we know which materials to use, how to house the sensors and actuators and how to use the environment to our advantage. Our integrated instruments reduce your risk, save you time and let you get on with the job in hand. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and engage with our team.

OEM considerations

OEM for vehicle tracking and comms

The AvTrak 6 family has been designed with ease of integration in mind and it’s a popular choice for many leading AUV brands. Open interfaces and protocols, access to raw 6G and Wideband 2 ranging and data exchange capabilities mean that AUVs can now communicate with surface vessels, transponders on the seabed and other AUVs. With AvTrak 6 AUVs can alter mission plans, provide health status updates and even share mission goals with other AUVs and other underwater platforms operating nearby. They can even carry our sparse LBL aiding in

OEM for Doppler navigation

Our Syrinx DVL provides both high-resolution and very accurate navigation over a longer altitude range than products of comparable performance. The result: world-beating dead-reckoning navigation for longer periods over a larger volume of the water column. In other words, more AUV time spent doing work and less time spent attempting to fix the navigation solution.

OEM for inertial navigation

Fusing data from multiple sources is a good way to produce better estimates. That’s exactly what an INS system does. Our SPRINT INS solution leads the field by providing a tightly coupled solution. That means that it uses the information from all the available sensors to estimate the errors in each of the sensors. The result? Survey quality navigation at all ocean depths.

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