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Spoolpiece metrology software

Engineered for: Structure

Connect is our dedicated software application designed to support all stages of a subsea metrology campaign. The software guides you through the key stages of a spool measurement operation including planning, data collection, quality control, processing and reporting.

At a glance

Bespoke tool for metrology campaigns

Streamlines entire process saving you hours

Expert settings reduces your workload

Guides you through all stages of measurement collection and processing

Produces highly detailed report to ensure accurate fabrication

Streamline your metrology campaigns

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A single interface for all tasks reduces the operator’s workload, especially when compared with traditional spreadsheet methods. High quality data is collected and processed in less time, reducing operational costs and minimising the risk of a spool not fitting.

During the planning stage, the spool metrology is defined with key data collection and operational steps entered into Connect. Measurements can be directly collected from the subsea metrology instruments including our 6G transceivers and transponders, depth sensors and gyrocompasses. The data collection phase automatically configures the acoustic instruments with the optimum settings for metrology before checking the acoustic links with advanced Wideband 2 6G diagnostic measurements.

Connect guides you through the defined stages of the data collection with the software providing a virtual ‘checklist’ to ensure that each stage has been successfully completed and in the correct order before proceeding. Collected data can then be checked and edited if required, such as rejecting depth loop outliers.

The results calculation stage follows the guided step by step approach allowing you to perform intermediate calculations such as depth loops and attitude determination before proceeding to the final metrology calculation. At each stage you can check the calculations and reprocess as required.

Following the calculation of results, reports are generated containing the final results with supporting data and QC. The final metrology report contains summaries of the calculations to support the results which will include Hub-to-Hub horizontal distance, slant range, depth differences, attitudes and more.

Connect software improves the speed and integrity of data processing for acoustic metrology techniques, shortening spoolpiece or jumper installation.

Connect supports both traditional horizontal and vertical metrologies. In addition, Connect can provide results for points on the structures that are not directly measured using ‘implied’ metrology techniques.

All raw data can be exported for external quality control or processing. In addition to the online version, a desktop version of Connect is available to allow off-line quality checks and reprocessing.

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Streamline your metrology campaigns