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Compatt 6+

LBL and USBL transponder (6th plus generation)

Engineered for: ROV, Seabed, Structure

Compatt 6+

Compatt 6+, our latest generation of intelligent transponder represents a big ‘plus’ for your LBL, INS and USBL operations. Built using the same reliable mechanics as Compatt 6 on the outside, powered by both Wideband 2 and Wideband 3 signal processing on the inside.

At a glance

Compatible with all 6G LBL, INS and USBL systems

Wideband 3 enabled

Versatile, flexible and cost-effective

Over 3,600 different configurations available

Choice of depth ratings to 7,000 m

A big plus for your subsea operations

Want to know more?

Benefits of this instrument for your operations

Wideband 3

For the first time, sensor telemetry data (e.g. pressure, depth, temperature) is embedded within ranging data so no more waiting for sensor readings at vital moments.


Compatt 6+ transponders are backwards compatible with your existing Compatt 6 inventories so you can mix and match in the field.


We can upgrade your existing C6 into plus units quickly and cost effectively meaning you can go on to realise the full benefits of Fusion 2


Compatt 6+ is used for high precision survey and construction operations in all water depths, including: spoolpiece metrology, pipeline touchdown monitoring, structure installation and dynamic positioning reference.

Compatt 6+ offers significant time saving with fast update rates (up to 1 Hz LBL tracking), all made possible using the Wideband 3 acoustic telemetry protocols. Support of Wideband 2 ranges maintains backwards compatibility. This makes any system operating with Compatt 6+ significantly easier to operate therefore de-risking operations, reducing vessel time and reducing training requirements for offshore personnel.

Our Wideband advanced signal processing offers improved acoustic performance in challenging conditions, longer ranges, improved multipath rejection around structures and real-time range diagnostics for quality control. Wideband also reduces the interference to and from adjacent Sonardyne and other acoustic positioning systems.

The integrated communications and navigation technology allows the transponder to be used as a multi-purpose modem, autonomous data logger and navigation reference transponder.


Feature Type 8300-3111 Type 8300-3113 Type 8300-5213
Depth Rating 3,000 m 3,000 m 5,000 m
Operating Frequency MF (20–34 kHz) MF (20–34 kHz) MF (19–34 kHz)
Transducer Beam Shape Omni-directional Directional Directional
Transmit Source Level (dB re 1 µPa @ 1 m) 187–196 dB (4 levels) 190–202 dB (4 levels) 190–202 dB (4 levels)
Tone Equivalent Energy (TEE) 193–202 dB 196–208 dB 196–208 dB
Receive Sensitivity (dB re 1 µPa) 90–120 dB (7 levels) 80–120 dB (7 levels) 80–120 dB (7 levels)
Ranging Precision Better than 15 mm Better than 15 mm Better than 15 mm
Number of Unique Wideband 2 Addresses >300 >300 >300
Battery Life (Listening) Alkaline 833 days 833 days 833 days
Lithium 1,390 days 1,390 days 1,390 days
External Power Supply 24 V 24 V 24 V
Safe Working Load (4:1) 250 kg 250 kg 250 kg
Operating Temperature -5 to 40°C -5 to 40°C -5 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 55°C -20 to 55°C -20 to 55°C
Dimensions (Maximum) (Length x Diameter) With Sensor Guard 1,034 x 200 mm 1,018 x 200 mm 1,018 x 200 mm
Without Sensor Guard 1,034 x 178 mm n/a n/a
Weight in Air/Water 23.8/11.8 kg 27.0/14.0 kg 29.0/15.0 kg
Endcap Sensors and Options
Temperature (±0.1°C) Standard Standard Standard
Tilt Switch (±30–45°) Standard Standard Standard
Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor (±0.1%) Standard Standard Standard
High Precision Strain Gauge (±0.01%) Presens or Keller Optional Optional Optional
Paroscientific DigiQuartz Pressure Sensor 1,350 m, 2,000 m, 4,130 m, 6,800 m (±0.01%) Optional Optional Optional
Inclinometer (Tilt Sensor) Range ±90°, Accuracy: ±1° Standard Standard Standard
High Accuracy Inclinometer
Range: ±90°, Accuracy: ±0.05° over 0 - ±15°; ±0.2° over 0 - ±45° Optional Optional Optional
Sound Velocity Sensor
±0.02 m/s Accuracy Under Calibration Conditions Optional Optional Optional
Release Mechanism Standard Standard Standard
Power for External Sensors Standard Standard Standard
Gyro Input Standard Standard Standard

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A big plus for your subsea operations