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Compatt 6 and 6+ Deployment Tests

06 August 2022

6G Terminal Lite Test

This is a sperate test program that will be automatically stored on the Marksman/Ranger 2 computer, but we would advise this program is stored on a separate Laptop to test the beacons. Prior to starting the 6G Terminal Lite test:

  • Confirm the Laptop has a serial port. The C6/C6+ test cable has a RS232 9 pin connector. If using a USB to RS232 converter we have reports of communication errors so you may need to the operation with the 6G Terminal Lite software.
  • Make sure the C6/C6+ is turned on.
  • Connect the RS232 CPU connector to the laptop serial port.

The 6G Terminal Lite program communicates with the C6/C6+ and displays the hardware/firmware information. If required you can send an email to to verify the current firmware release for the C6/C6+. The address and operational setting can be changed to suit the current operations and test the hardware, release (if fitted) and internal sensors. To complete the “Range Test” you will require another C6/C6+ or other Sonardyne 6G beacon. Generate a “Test Report” which will display a pass (green tick) or failure (red cross) to save for your records.

iWand Test

The iWand model 8315 is a handheld rugged battery powered unit that can be used to acoustically interrogate, test and program the C6/C6+ beacon and will give you added confidence as you are using the C6/C6+ transducer to communicate. The IWand 6G Configuration software stored on a laptop or PC can be used to easily synchronise via Bluetooth, RS485 or RS232 to store, change beacon settings and produce a test report for the C6/C6+. The test report will display a pass (green tick) or failure (red cross) to save for your records.


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