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RT 6 family of acoustic release transponders

Deploy, track, and recover your moorings and equipment with RT 6

Our new range of acoustic releases, RT 6, last longer, go deeper and lift more.

They combine the extensive track record of the previous models with the flexibility of our 6G hardware platform, meaning you can deploy, track and release them using one of our Ranger 2 USBL systems. Some models can even be controlled using an Android app. Take the worry out of mooring your kit. Specify RT 6 for your next project.

RT 6. Supporting Your Science And Equipment Deployment

Our RT 6s come in three popular depth ratings, 1,000 m, 3,000 m and 6,000 m

Spend less time recovering and more time collecting data with up to 2.5 years battery life

Use the global fleet of vessels fitted with Ranger 2 USBL to command and track you RT 6s

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RT 6. Supporting your science and equipment deployments


A deep and heavy load-rated release to support applications from telecomms cable repair to structure installation. Track every moment with your vessel’s Ranger 2

Depth rating 7,000 m
Frequency LMF
Working load limit 2,500 kg
Battery life >32 months
Topside Dunker kit/Ranger 2 USBL

RT 6-1000

The perfect low-cost acoustic release for mooring environmental sensors. 1,000 metre depth rating, 18 months battery life, 125 kg WLL. Ranger 2 and Android app compatible

Depth rating 1,000 m
Frequency MF
Working Load Limit 150 kg
Battery life >13 months
Topside Android App/Ranger 2/Dunker 6 Kit

RT 6-3000

Suitable for a wide range of sustained observation tasks spanning years of in-situ measurements. Depth rating to 6,000 metres and 1,275 kg WLL. Release with Ranger 2

Depth rating 3,000/6,000 m
Frequency MF/LMF
Working load limit 1,275 kg
Battery life >32 months
Topside Deck Topside /Ranger 2 USBL

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