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RoHS 2 compliance statement

As of 22nd of July 2017, products designed and manufactured by Sonardyne International Ltd, are affected by changes in environmental legislation which is aimed at the reduction or removal of hazardous substances from electrical and electronic equipment, notably the European Union Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (often called RoHS 2).

It has long been Sonardyne’s policy to support one previous generation of technology alongside our existing generation platform, currently 6G. We recognise the importance of the RoHS legislation, however achieving compliance with requirements of RoHS 2 would require a significant re-engineering of pre-6G products (including all 5G products) as many of the electronic components in these designs contain trace amounts of certain heavy metals and other chemicals which are now restricted by the legislation.

We have therefore reluctantly taken the decision to discontinue the sale of 5G products after 22nd July 2017 to all territories. For selected other products which do not comply with the requirements of the new legislation, we may still be able to make shipments to the EU depending upon how the products are intended to be used.

We will of course continue to provide you with technical and operational support for the Sonardyne products you own and operate for as long as is reasonably practical. To out find more, including the list of products affected, contact your local Sonardyne office.

Graham Brown
Managing Director
July 2017


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