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Military diving

Underwater technology for divers is the reason why Sonardyne was founded 50 years ago. Tracking their every move, communicating with them and ensuring they return safely after their mission is just as important today as it was then.

What our tech can do for you


Follow each and every move of your team members


Replay data post-dive to identify tactical improvements


Expeditionary design for rapid deployment anywhere


Secure tracking and two-way surface-to-diver communications

Military diving

Expeditionary forces owe a lot to the risks taken by divers. Working in inhospitable conditions and in isolation, the life of military diving is tough, requiring mental and physical fitness. Unlike troops on the surface, subsea vision is limited, there’s no radio and there’s no GPS to coordinate operations. This is because electromagnetic waves attenuate –our acoustics come to the rescue. We supply the equipment required to track divers and keep them in the picture.

Shared situational awareness

Air-supplied divers have been using our Ultra Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic systems successfully to track their position in absolute coordinates since the early days of our foundation. But what of free swimming divers? New developments help track them and can be used to let the divers know where they are.

Diver training is a vital period in the diver’s career. Divers initially learn basic skills and progress towards advanced principles. Diving instructors need to keep a sharp eye on the candidates and carefully asses their skills and provide feedback. Our Ranger 2 systems help them to provide that picture.

Tracking and comms

Free swimming divers conducting work on facilities, mine clearance duties or special operations have one of the most physically demanding and difficult jobs in any Navy. They need to be able to plan a dive and put it into effect often with little information about the environment in to which they are diving. Even if afforded a navigation board, they are isolated from the surface without comms as they make their way to their target site.

We have developed tools to help share the situational awareness, gained from tracking divers with USBL systems, with the divers themselves. We do this by sending information in the same signals we use to track the divers. We can track divers and tell them where they are.

Swimmer delivery systems
Swimmer Delivery Systems (SDS) are transforming Special Operation. Their range and speed of operation provide a strategic advantage helping to deliver swimmers covertly to almost any location. They are fast too. The more accurately they are able to navigate, the simpler it is for the Special Operation Forces (SOF) units to maintain their tactical advantage. This is where our navigation instruments help. We can help guide your SDS with centimetre accuracy.

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