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SPRINT-Nav family of hybrid navigators

Save you time. Saves you cost. Saves you payload.

Guide, control and navigate your USVs, ROVs and AUVs faster and more efficiently with SPRINT-Nav.

An all-in-one acoustic-inertial sensor that replaces the need for a separate DVL, pressure sensor and INS/AHRS saving you the cost, cabling and integration challenges that come with different sensors from different vendors. SPRINT-Nav delivers class-leading performance as good as a fraction of a metre over many kilometres travelled. It’s now joined by SPRINT-Nav Mini, the perfect instrument for Inspection class ROV control and USVs.

SPRINT-Nav. All-in-one guidance and navigation.

Combines our SPRINT inertial sensor, Syrinx DVL and high accuracy intelligent pressure sensor in a single housing. Performance levels to suit any task

Tightly integrates raw acoustic, Doppler and inertial data – unique to Sonardyne

Titanium housed for deep ROV missions. Outputs altitude, depth, orientation and velocity. Configure and control using a Web UI

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Integrates a full Syrinx 400 kHz or 600 kHz DVL, pressure sensor and SPRINT acoustically-aided INS. Supports complex survey and navigation missions using ROVs and AUVs.

DVL frequency 600 kHz or 400 kHz
Dimensions 240 x 395 mm
Depth rating 4,000/6,000 m
Maximum altitude 175 m or 230 m
Telegrams Industry standard
OEM option No


Three ROV instruments in one; a 500 kHz Syrinx-derived DVL, hybrid AHRS and depth sensor. Pre-calibrated from the factory and quick to mobilise.

DVL frequency 500 KHz
Dimensions 149 x 213 mm
Depth rating 300/4,000 m
Maximum altitude 200 m
Telegrams Industry standard
OEM option No

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