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Micro-Ranger 2 USBL transceiver

Engineered for: Vessel

Lightweight, portable and easy-to-use, Micro-Ranger Transceiver (MRT) forms part of our Micro-Ranger 2 USBL system developed to track divers and small underwater drones in lakes, rivers and coastal waters.

At a glance

Easy to deploy off a pontoon or RHIB

Optimised for high elevation tracking in shallow water

Internal magnetic compass for instantaneous and calibration free motion compensation.

Built in health checks including array and electronics diagnostics

Supplied with 10 m of deck cable

Arrive, deploy and start tracking

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MRT is one of the smallest USBL transceivers on the market providing you with complete flexibility with where you use, how you deploy it and what you track with it.

It’s supplied as part of our Micro-Ranger 2 USBL system, a complete one-box underwater diver, ROV, AUV and equipment tracking solution. Everything you need, including two transponders, is supplied in a battery-powered IP-67 rated carry case for portable, go-anywhere marine operations.

MRT is supplied with a moulded 10 m underwater cable that is connected up to your Micro-Ranger 2 command case. The cable provides both power and comms to the MRT

Deployment is as simple as it gets. Off a pontoon, over the side of your RHIB or even fixed to a USV. It can be suspended using its cable or on a simple pole arrangement. We even offer a lightweight carbon fibre pole with fixation clamp and a top bracket to mount the system’s included GNSS antenna.

MRT uses an integral AHRS sensor which provides pitch, roll and heading data that automatically compensates for the dynamic motion of the vessel, removing the need for an external sensor and pre-use calibration. It’s multi-element processing enables transponders to be accurately positioned at ranges of 995 metres.


Feature Type 8243
Operational Frequency MF (20–34 kHz)
Operating Range Up to 995 m
Depth Rating 25 m
Acoustic Coverage Greater than 200°
Range Accuracy Better than 15 mm
Angular Accuracy ±3°
Transmit Source Level (dB re 1 µPa @ 1 m) 184 dB
Electrical 48 V dc (±10%) typical 1.5 W, maximum 25.5 W
Communication Ethernet 100 Mbps
Operating Temperature -5 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 55°C
Mechanical Construction Stainless steel 316, PVC and polyurethane
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 177 x 106 mm (excluding connector)
Weight in Air/Water 1.84/0.99 kg

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Arrive, deploy and start tracking