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6G Terminal Lite Test

This is a sperate test program that will be automatically stored on the Marksman/Ranger 2 computer. Prior to starting the 6G Terminal Lite test:

  • Exit the Marksman/Ranger 2 program.
  • Make sure the NSH is turned on.
  • The NSH and HPT must be serially connected (ship installation or portable system connection).
  • Confirm and note the NSH transceiver slot and port connection. This information is used to serially connect to the HPT.

The 6G Terminal Lite program communicates with the HPT and displays the hardware/firmware information. You can also test the hardware and internal sensors. Generate a “Test Report” which will give a pass (green tick) or failure (red cross) to save for your records.

Transceiver Phase Calibration

This is a functional test for the HPT receive elements. The transceiver system sends a test signal to all transducer elements and measures the electrical phase angle with respect to the reference. The Phase Span column in the test results should be highlighted green which indicates a pass. If any of the Phase Span frequencies report a failure (result is highlighted red) please re-run the test and if a consistent failure is recorded contact for further review.

Transceiver Admittance Test

The admittance test checks the health of the receive transducer elements which are built into the endcap of the transceiver. This test is recommended to be completed every 6 months but can be completed if there is a long break between operations. The following tests are made on each element:

  • Loss factor
  • Capacitance
  • Resonant frequency
  • Conductance at resonance
  • Quality factor (Q)
  • Conductance below resonance

The usbl_adm.csv file should be sent to with the following information:

  • Vessel Name
  • HPT Serial Number
  • Was the Admittance test completed when the HPT was in the sea chest, in air or deployed

These values will be reviewed by Sonardyne Engineering and email will be sent back to you to confirm pass or fail.


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