Micro-Ranger 2 USBL- Underwater Target Tracking

Tracks every move of your divers and underwater robots as they explore rivers, lakes, reservoirs, harbours and coastal water
Never used a USBL system before? No problem. Micro-Ranger 2 is simple to setup and use
Deploy it from a dockside, RIB or even from unmanned surface vessel; no special hardware needed
Up to 995 m range; no need for an export license to transport internationally

Need to know where your targets are? Micro-Ranger 2 has them covered.

It maybe our smallest ever underwater tracking system, but Micro-Ranger 2 will have a big impact upon your Search and Rescue, inspection and survey operations. Precision, ease of use and versatility come as standard – and its small enough to use with divers and the smallest ROVs

Portable and quick to mobilise, Micro-Ranger 2 USBL can be used from any waterside location or vessel, including RHIBs and small survey vessels, to track divers, underwater vehicles and equipment.
It’s built around the same market-leading 6G hardware and Wideband 2 digital acoustic technology you’ll find in our family of deep water USBL systems, Mini-Ranger 2 and Ranger 2, but for significantly less cost and complexity.

If you’re a first time user of USBL technology, you’ll find Micro-Ranger 2 incredibly easy to use. Simply connect your computer, external GPS and transceiver to the system’s 1U-high interface unit, then attach a transponder (Nano or WSM 6+) to each target you want to monitor the position of. With the transceiver lowered into the water, you’re ready to start tracking up to 10 targets, sequentially and up to ranges of 995 m.

The Micro-Ranger Transceiver (MRT) is extremely small and light and can be deployed from the side of a vessel, pontoon using its cable, or on the sensor spar of a USV. Its design provides omni-directional acoustic tracking coverage, so is ideal for tracking targets in shallow water all the way to the surface.

Micro-Ranger 2 software comes with a lot of advanced and powerful features selected from our Mini-Ranger 2 and Ranger 2 USBL systems to ensure you have everything you need to track underwater targets. If you need to track and also communicate with small AUVs and drones, an optional Marine Robotics feature pack is available.

Nano is a popular choice for use with Micro-Ranger 2 when tracking divers, man-portable AUVs and micro ROVs. For tracking larger targets such as a towfish, a crane wire or medium-sized ROV for example, WSM 6+ will meet your requirements.



  • Portable, hardware comes in one box
  • Quick to connect up and deploy
  • Easy to use, no training needed
  • Shares common platform with other Sonardyne USBLs


  • MF frequency (19–34 kHz)
  • Sonardyne Wideband 2 acoustics for reliable performance in shallow water
  • Supports Sonardyne Messaging Service for data exchange (200 to 9,000 bps)
  • Omni-directional coverage for wide area tracking


  • Up to 5% of slant range system accuracy
  • Up 10 targets tracked, sequentially
  • 995 m maximum tracking range
  • 3 Hz position update rate


  • What’s in the box: MRT, SIU, deck cables, software, manual
  • Warranty: 1 year return to Sonardyne service centre
  • ITAR Controlled: No
  • UK Export License: Not required

More about this product

Micro-Ranger 2 Specification and System sheet

Micro-Ranger 2Mini-Ranger 2Ranger 2

Where to use it:Inland, Inshore Where to use it:Nearshore Where to use it:Offshore
What to use it for:TrackingCommanding and releasing RT 6 acoustic releases What to use it for:TrackingData harvestingCommanding and releasing RT 6 acoustic releases What to use it for:TrackingCommanding and releasing RT 6 acoustic releases
Operating platform:DocksideRHIBSmall boatSmall USV Operating platform:Survey boatMoored bargeUSVSmall ship Operating platform:USVLarge ship
Typical installation:Temporary Typical installation:Temporary Typical installation:Permanent
Expected System Accuracy:Up to 5% of slant range Expected System Accuracy:Up to 1.3% of slant range Expected System Accuracy:Up to 0.04% of slant range
Maximum Range:Up to 995 m Maximum Range:Up to 4,000 m Maximum Range:Up to 11,000 m
Maximum Targets Tracked:Up to 10 in sequence Maximum Targets Tracked:Up to 10 simultaneously Maximum Targets Tracked:Up to 99
Maximum Update Rate:3 Hz Maximum Update Rate:3 Hz Maximum Update Rate:1 Hz
Feature Expansion Packs:Yes Feature Expansion Packs:Yes Feature Expansion Packs:Yes



Software Version  
Micro-Ranger 2 V6.03.03 (Can only be installed on a PC running Windows® 10 OS and only supports Sonardyne 6G equipment)
V6.03.02 (Can only be installed on a PC running Windows® 7 OS and only supports Sonardyne 6G equipment)
V4.06.03 (Can only be installed on a PC running Windows® 7 OS and supports 5G and Sonardyne 6G equipment)



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User Manual - Micro-Ranger 2
QSG - Micro-Ranger 2

  • Manuals Request

    Marine Robotics Integrator Kit for AUV Developers

    If you are an AUV developer then be sure to ask for our Micro-Ranger 2 Marine Robotics Integrator Kit which includes our Marine Robotics Pack software and our popular Nano AvTrak 6 OEM transceiver for your vehicle, as well as a handy integration guide to help you unlock all our tracking and communication functionality.  Learn how to interrogate your vehicle and transfer data at rates ranging from 200 to 9000 bps. Transform and value to your AUV.


    How do I deploy my MRT?

    Here’s our top-tips on how to deploy your Micro-Ranger Transceiver quickly and easily.

    Please take care when working near water, and make sure all bolts are securely tightened before deployment.

    Download the adapter plate drawing here: https://www.sonardyne.com/app/uploads… *Disclaimer* Sonardyne accepts no responsibility for failures of adapter plates not manufactured by Sonardyne

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