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How to format the sound speed profile for Marksman and Ranger 2

15 March 2023

This article describes the procedure for formatting the sound speed profile for Marksman and Ranger 2.

1. The Marksman/Ranger 2 system will accept a .pro file to import the sound speed profile. The file format must be:

  • First 5 rows can be either blank or have any file details listed.
  • The columns of data should be tab delimited. The first column is depth and the second sound speed. There is an option to add the Salinity and Temperature in columns 3 and 4

Example 1:

Example 2:

2. The .pro file should be stored on the Marksman/Ranger 2 PC.

3. Follow the instructions listed in Section Environmental Settings > Configuring the Sound Speed in the Marksman/Ranger 2 user manual to load the sound speed profile.


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