Our deployment machines and poles have been designed primarily for use with Ultra Short BaseLine (USBL) systems and are therefore rigid enough to provide survey grade positioning.

The deployment pole design and installation has a direct effect on the performance of the USBL system. They incorporate various design features to mitigate against pole vibration. The deployment pole must be as rigid as possible to tie the transceiver into the vessel frame ensuring the measured pitch, roll and heading are valid at the transceiver face. Failure to successfully tie the transceiver into the vessel frame will reduce the USBL system performance. The rigid pole design allows the deployment of a wide range of third party sensors.

We offer a variety of deployment methods to suit all vessel requirements. These consist of:

  • Through hull deployment machine
  • Over the side deployment pole
  • Through tube deployment pole

All deployment machine and poles are supplied with installation kits to allow any Sonardyne transceiver or Sentinel head to be mounted.