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How to create an alarm to warn that the transceiver deployment pole has been left deployed

04 August 2022

This procedure describes how to activate the alarm available in Marksman & Ranger 2 software, to alert the crew if a Deployment Machine pole is accidentally left deployed and the vessel speed exceeds a certain speed.

Our Deployment Machine, when correctly braced, is capable of handling prolonged speeds of 7 knots.

However, if the pole is accidentally left deployed, and the vessel sails to its next destination at a speed greater than this, then potentially‑catastrophic damage could result.

At best the pole could deform and bend, resulting in a replacement Deployment Machine and transceiver.

At worst, the through-hull tube on which the gate valve sits could fail, possibly resulting in (at best) localised flooding.

Our most-recent Deployment Machine system, together with our latest Marksman and Ranger 2 software, allows not only the machine to be operated from software (as well as from the normal push‑buttons on each control console), but also to warn the operator if the deployment pole is not fully recovered when the vessel exceeds 7 knots.

The following alarm message is displayed: “Deployment 1 is in the down position and vessel speed has exceeded the safety threshold of 7 knots”.

(“Deployment 1” is the default (changeable) name of the Deployment Machine.)

As well as alerting the operator both visually and audibly from Marksman/Ranger 2 software, a telegram can also be configured to alert 3rd party equipment, such as the DP system, either via a serial (RS232/RS485) or UDP link.


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