In order to increase the Safe Working Load (SWL) of a standard  RT 6-3000, RT 6-6000ORT or DORT, we offer a range of heavy duty release frames. The frames act as a load maximisation so that only a fraction of the mooring load passes through the acoustic release. Applications include: offshore construction, marine salvage, defence and oceanographic research.

Manufactured from high strength steel which is galvanised and painted, the heavy duty release frames offer excellent corrosion resistance and are suitable for long term deployment. This can be up to three years if the acoustic release is fitted with a lithium battery pack.

Depending on the type of acoustic release being used, the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the unit can be increased up to 50 tonnes. All the frames can be easily assembled in the field and in most cases, fitted without any modification to the transponder itself. Custom frames for special applications or higher load ratings are available on
special request.