The Heavy Duty Acoustic Release Frames have been designed as optional extras for Sonardyne’s popular Oceanographic Release Transponders like the RT 6-6000
The Type 7869 release frame increases the Working Load Limit (WLL) of a standard RT 6-3000 or RT 6-6000 to 7½ tonnes (at 4:1 safety factor) with a breaking load of 30 tonnes. The Type 7988 release frame has a WLL of 25 tonnes and breaking load of 100 tonnes. In most cases both types of release frame can be fitted without any modification to the acoustic release itself and is easily assembled in the field.
Manufactured from high strength steel which is galvanised and powder coated, the releases offer excellent corrosion resistance for long term deployment.
Applications for which the acoustic releases have been developed include; marine salvage, defence and oceanographic research.