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What is the safe working load for different RT 6 products?

30 June 2021

The RT6 range is designed to span from coastal to deep ocean and light work to heavy work. With releases the Working Load Limit (WLL) is always a key piece of information, alongside proof load, breaking load and the maximum safe release load. But what are these for our RT6 range?

The below table summarises the limits across our entire RT6 range.

RT 6-1000 RT 6-3000 RT 6-6000 RT 6-HD Heavy duty acoustic release frame (RT 6-3000 & RT 6-6000) Type 7869 Heavy duty acoustic release frame (RT 6-3000 & RT 6-6000) Type 7988
Working Load Limit (4:1) 150 kg 1,275 kg 1,275 kg 2.500 kg 7,500 kg (7.5 tonnes) 25 tonnes
Proof Load 300 kg 2,550 kg 2,550 kg 5,000 kg 15 tonnes 50 tonnes
Breaking Load 600 kg 5,100 kg 5,100 kg 10,000 kg 30 tonnes 100 tonnes
Maximum safe release load 150 kg 1,700 kg 1,700 kg 11 tonnes 11 tonnes

Note that the individual datasheets go into more detail on the above numbers.

Any questions about WLL across our RT6 range? Contact our support and sales teams or have a look at our in-depth data sheets. If you need to go deeper or heavier let us know!


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