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TZ Transceiver

Transition Zone Transceiver

Engineered for: USV, Vessel

TZT is a vessel-based acoustic transceiver that's used as part of our Transition Zone / Ocean Bottom Cable (TZ/OBC) acoustic positioning system. Use it with TZ/OBC or SST 6 transponders.

At a glance

Accurately positions your Sonardyne MF or HF seismic node and ocean bottom cable-mounted transponders

Provides high-accuracy positioning right into the surf zone; <1 m water depth

Designed for small work boats, RHIBS and USVs working in parallel with your node laying vessel

Choice of frequencies depending on your transponder inventory; HF for Type 7815s or MF for SST 6s

For shallow water surveys

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TZT is compact, simple to fit and easy to operate, making it the ideal choice for shallow-draft workboats, RHIBs and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs). Onboard, the splashproof (normally surface-mounted) transceiver electronics module is cabled connected to your PC equipped with our HydroPos software (or third-party software) and remote acoustic transducer.

The remote transducer is normally attached to a rigid pole and deployed over the side of the craft you’re using. A GNSS receiver is typically attached to the top of the pole but, aside from that, there’s no need for any other ancillary equipment, such as a gyro or attitude and reference system, and the complexities that integrating them would involve.

On command from your PC, the TZ Transceiver acoustically interrogates up to nine TZ/OBC transponder or up to 95 SST 6 transponders at a time and the acoustic responses are used to generate range measurements to each of them.

By combining the many acoustic range measurements made to each transponder, with GNSS data input into HydroPos, it is possible to generate accurate positions of all transponders to better than 1 m absolute precision.

Mounting TZT onto a USV unlocks the opportunity to reduce the risk, cost and environmental impact of your surveys by reducing the number of crewed vessels required to support your survey.


Feature Type 8263-010-0021 Type 8263-010-0022
Operating Frequency HF (35–50 kHz) MF (20–34 kHz)
Transmit Source Level (dB re 1 µPa @ 1 m) >184–186 dB >184-187 dB
Receive Sensitivity (dB re 1 µPa) <90 dB <90 dB
Ranging Precision Better than 0.5 m Better than 15 mm
Addresses 401 1520
Power 28 V dc, maximum 2 A 28 V dc, maximum 2 A
Communications RS232/RS485 @ 9,600 to 115,200 baud, Ethernet RS232/RS485 @ 9,600 to 115,200 baud, Ethernet
Mechanical Construction Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy
Operating Temperature -5 to +50°C -5 to +50°C
Storage Temperature -20 to +70°C -20 to +70°C
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 223 x 220 x 91 mm 223 x 220 x 91 mm
Weight 3 kg 3 kg
Feature Remote Transducer HF Remote Transducer MF
Operating Frequency HF (35–50 kHz) MF (20–34 kHz)
Depth Rating (Acoustic Transducer) 100 m 100 m
Cable Length 20 m 20 m
Mechanical Construction Stainless steel Stainless steel
Dimensions (Diameter x Length) 90 x 211 mm (without cable) 90 x 211 mm (without cable)
Weight in Air 3.7 kg (without cable) 3.7 kg (without cable)

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For shallow water surveys