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Does it matter where and how you mount a sound velocity sensor for use with a SPRINT-Nav or SPRNT-Nav Mini system?

21 June 2021

Best practices for integrating sound velocity sensor with SPRINT-Nav or SPRNT-Nav Mini.

To achieve the best performance for any acoustic-inertial navigation solution it’s important to provide accurate local speed of sound through water.

To determine the local sound speed is often achieved by fitting a sound velocity sensor (SVS) which directly measures the sound speed.

To get the best performance the SVS should measure sound speed in the same body of water which the DVL experience. The following guidelines will help achieve that:

  • The SVS should be fitted in a well-ventilated area, i.e. not within a close area without water flow.
  • The SVS should be fitted as close as possible to the DVL head, and always within 30cm of vertical distance.
  • The SVS should be fitted in a location that is submerged when the vehicle is emerged, i.e. when e.g. an AUV is surfaced it’s important the SVS is still submerged

Following these guidelines will help ensuring the SVS is measuring the same sound velocity as the DVL is experiencing.

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