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Are SPRINT-Nav and SPRINT-Nav Mini swap-and-replace compatible?

21 June 2021

Can I swap-and-replace between a SPRINT-Nav and SPRINT-Nav Mini?

Yes, SPRINT-Nav and SPRINT-Nav Mini share a subset of Command & Control and output strings, such as LNAV. This means for simple integrations, SPRINT-Nav can be swapped out by a SPRINT-Nav Mini.

However, there are differences between the SPRINT-Nav and SPRINT-Nav Mini which are important to take into consideration.

  • SPRINT-Nav Mini uses CRE connectors while the SPRINT-Nav uses Seacon
  • SPRINT-Nav Mini utilises a built-in WebUI for configuration, management and troubleshooting while the SPRINT-Nav uses SPRINT which is a dedicated desktop program
  • To reduce complexity the SPRINT-Nav Mini uses a much-reduced Command & Control set compared to the SPRINT-Nav
  • SPRINT-Nav Mini supports the new Hybrid Navigation output message, HNAV, which provides all required information for navigating subsea vehicles in a single simple message


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