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Do I need to calibrate my SPRINT-Nav?

21 June 2021

No, SPRINT-Nav and SPRINT-Nav Mini, are pre-calibrated at our factory. 

Why is the calibration of our SPRINT- Nav hybrid navigators not required and what are the advantages?

To achieve the highest accuracy of any DVL aided INS system it’s critically important to calibrate the DVL beams to the INS system.

This is normally done by taking the system through a specific set of trajectories which allows the system to identify and compensate for the associated misalignment angles and levers arms.

The calibration process is however affected by many factors including environment, vehicle dynamics, GPS accuracy, etc. and it can therefore be difficult to achieve reproducible calibrations result and thereby accuracy.

All our hybrid navigators, i.e. SPRINT-Nav and SPRINT-Nav Mini, goes through a factory calibration at our test facility in Plymouth. This factory calibration is achieved in the same environment, using the same vehicle and GPS receiver meaning we will achieve the highest possible accuracy throughout every calibration.

For our users this means you get the highest possible performance straight out of the box without having to through a complex calibration process.

Further, all our hybrid navigators ship with a performance certificate showing exactly how it performed during the calibration process.

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