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Can you post-process SPRINT-Nav data?

21 June 2021

Yes, you can post-process SPRINT-Nav data.

All of our inertial products log all required data to perform post-processing, which is done through the post-processing tool Janus.

We developed a very powerful post-processing tool, Janus, which can be used to meet several goals.

Primary functionality is to post-process data logged during the operation to improve accuracy by taking advantage of a backwards-forwards algorithm.

Furthermore, Janus can be used for troubleshooting by inspecting data from the individual sensors such as raw inertial, pressure, USBL, or DVL measurements.

All our inertial products continuously log all required data internally which can be downloaded for post-processing when required. Customers also have the option to log data topside either through SPRINT software or directly from the unit itself.


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