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Post-processing and QC software

Engineered for: AUV, ROV

Janus is our Quality Control and INS post-processing software for SPRINT, SPRINT-Nav and SPRINT-Nav Mini. A simple user interface allows quick and easy data editing, post-processing and data export to enhance real time navigation.

At a glance

QC and post-processing software for SPRINT and SPRINT-Nav family

Allows quick and easy data editing and optimisation

Provides cm-level dynamic navigation

Supports standard data export formats

Exposes aiding data availability, usage, rejection and reason

Unlocks the potential of your Sonardyne INS

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Janus utilises raw data from SPRINT and aiding sensors to both replicate the real-time navigation solution (forwards in time only) and significantly improve the navigation solution further using an advanced smoothed (forward and backwards) post-processed solution.

Janus provides proven centimetre-level dynamic navigation with SPRINT INS, Syrinx DVL, SPRINT-Nav, SPRINT-Nav Mini and 6G LBL.

The real-time inertial navigation solution can be optimised using Janus’ outlier rejection functionality on all raw aiding sensor data and gives the user the ability to reconfigure the real-time settings to enable/disable sensors and to eliminate any systematic errors such as incorrect lever arms or mounting angles/incorrect error model.

Janus also exposes the aiding data availability, usage, rejection and reason. Janus displays the ‘health’ status of the INS algorithms, communication ports and internal electronics.

Post-processed aiding data not collected by the INS system in real-time can be imported.

Multiple navigation solutions can be stored and compared to help identify the optimum configuration.

Calibration of DVL-to-SPRINT mounting angles, latency and scale factor is performed with a post-processed forward/backward computation, with superior results than a real-time (forward only) computation.

There are Janus pre-defined navigation export formats available which are compatible with most 3rd party survey suites and added flexibility to create custom export formats.

Janus can be upgraded from the basic (DVL calibration and QC) version to full post-processed navigation capability.


Features Janus – INS Post-Processing Software
Aiding Data Supported Subsea USBL and LBL Position, Pressure Depth, DVL, LBL Ranges, Zero Velocity, Sound Velocity
Surface GNSS, Zero Mean Depth
Manual Position and Depth
Tide Automatic compensation from seabed Compatt 6 pressure sensor
Import Any of above
Configuration Physical Lever arms and mounting angles
Observations Pre-INS rejection filter
Error model
Manual values (e.g. manual sound velocity)
Offsets (e.g. surface ambient pressure)
Outlier Rejection Automatic Pre-set or configurable thresholds
Manual User selectable from Chart
Plots / Graphs Navigation Trajectories Position, North/East, Depth, Roll/Pitch/Heading, Velocity
Orientation AHRS and INS
Aiding Data Summaries Availability, Accepted, Rejected (Pre-Filter and INS) or Disabled
Aiding Data Observations Observation Values, Quality, Residuals, Rejection Reason
Time Synchronisation Status, Availability, Time-Between-Sync, Drift
Bias Estimates Angular Rates, Acceleration, DVL Misalignment and Scale Factor
Hardware Self-Test Power, communication, internal sensors, INS and AHRS status
Calibrations DVL Mounting Angles, Latency and Scale Factor
PDF Calibration Report and Calibration File for SPRINT
LBL (Sparse) Array (Optional) SLAM array calibration
Navigation Export File Formats PSONNAV, xxGGA, Janus Default, NavLab Compatible, QINSy and custom
Upgrades Remote Time limited or perpetual
User PC Requirements Operating System Windows® XP, 7 and 10 (64-Bit recommended)
Minimum Memory 8 GB+
Minimum Processor Intel® Core i7 2600 / 3.4 GHz processor (or similar)

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Unlocks the potential of your Sonardyne INS