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Locate: Communicate: Extricate

June 6, 2023

Our company was founded 52 years ago on the need for improved location of divers and subsea equipment for safety purposes. This remains at the core of what we do today.

Here, the three essential elements of surface and diver interaction are covered in a series of blogs by retired Royal Navy Commander Justin Hains MBE from our sister company Forcys, providing a personal view on the challenges he faced as a serving officer in charge of diving.

These challenges are similar to those faced by many dive supervisors today and until relatively recently there was not much that could be done to lessen the risks.

Fortunately, the application of our vast marine technology and communications experience means that surface to diver interactions and safety are not just improved but also future-proofed through a ‘plug and play’ device which integrates with commercial dive computers, and rebreathers.

Follow the links below to discover how our DiveTrack products, delivered to navies through Forcys, make diving safer and more effective.

Enhancing dive performance and safety: the challenge

Enhancing dive performance and safety: operational advantage

Enhancing dive performance and safety: future proof


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