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R&D, foundations and moorings

In-situ structural monitoring exists to ensure the safe operation of your offshore wind farm. We have all the tools needed to deliver accurate, timely and meaningful insights about condition and status to maintain integrity and reliability.

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Typical deployment life of our sensors in years between servicing

Foundations, moorings, and cables

For decades we have worked with asset owners, operators and service companies to provide innovative subsea asset monitoring solutions. Understanding the condition of subsea assets helps to prevent failure and maximise their operational life.

As floating offshore wind concepts evolve and subsequent pilot projects and the first commercial arrays are installed, the more that is understood about the structures, their foundations, moorings, and cables, and how they behave and are affected by the environment and conditions they are subjected to, the better equipped developers will be to scale-up this hugely expansive potential resource.

Asset monitoring

Monitoring helps to ensure the safe operation of critical subsea components and reduce or remove the costs and consequences associated with failures and or unnecessary recovery of equipment for periodic inspection and maintenance. This is based on developing an understanding of how subsea structures such as moorings are responding to loads and enabling limitations and faults to be detected at an early stage. Asset monitoring can also allow optimisation of production efficiency, savings on periodic inspections and facilitate proactive maintenance regimes, while extending service life, safely.

Many structures, foundations and moorings, and the conditions they are deployed in, are unique. Our specialist applications team can work with you to understand your particular requirements and devise the optimum solution for you. Our key strength and where we stand out is by offering integrated instrumentation that includes sensors, logging, processing and wireless acoustic or optical communications. Our subsea hardware is engineered to withstand the harshest of ocean conditions and our digital wideband communication signals can penetrate challenging and hostile acoustic environments to transfer your data quickly and reliably to the surface.

Subsea Monitoring

Our Autonomous Monitoring Transponder (AMT) and Subsea Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) deliver precision, reliability and flexibility with a wide range of sensor options available, including position, depth, pressure, inclination, acceleration and more, and we can take in data from external sensors, so we can configure a system to meet the specific monitoring needs of your offshore assets. Where standard off-the-shelf products cannot meet your specific space, weight, depth and functionality demands, we have the know-how and in-house resources to design, test and manufacture customised solutions on time and on budget.

SMART brings together low power electronics, long duration data logging, subsea data processing and acoustic telemetry into a single, easily deployed instrument. SMART has the flexibility to interface with a wide range of internal and external sensors and other data sources, utilising standard or bespoke data analysis algorithms to provide the key data that operators need, when they want it.

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