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Survey vessel charter and trials support

Plymouth-based marine assets and personnel

If you need to evaluate new technology at sea, rehearse maritime missions or conduct important demonstrations, our trials vessels and facilities based in Plymouth are at your service.

At a glance

World-class testing facilities, competitively priced to lower your R&D costs

Daily or weekly charters available

Choice of modern, high specification survey vessels

Help from highly experienced crews and marine engineers

Wide range of marine environments within a short transit

Access to Sonardyne equipment; e.g. acoustic tracking system

Our services add value to your operations

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Benefits of this service for your operations

For energy

Trying out new equipment, rehearsing new operational procedures and getting your team comfortable with the technology being used, helps identify problems and reduce risk before heading offshore to doing it for real.

For defence

The success of your underwater mission relies on technology and personal operating in synchronicity. Our vessels provide the perfect platform to practice and make perfect in a controlled environment.

For science

You’ve worked hard to secure research vessel time so a vessel charter with us ahead of your cruise can simulate different environments, data logging regimes and harvesting methods.


We have decades of combined experience operating vessels and testing equipment in the waters around Plymouth and beyond. We have intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations affecting marine operations close to the local naval bases, and we know all the best places to test equipment. Whether you need shallow water, open water away from recreational craft to run autonomous surface vessels, or interesting wrecks to evaluate the capabilities of side-scan sonars, we know where to take you.

Technology integration
In support of our own activities within energy, defence and science have extensive experience integrating third-party surface and subsea technologies – and even land-based position reference systems. This has enabled us to develop trials plans and procedures to accommodate non-specific Sonardyne equipment, such as surface navigation equipment,
towfish, uncrewed surface vehicles and seafloor sensors.
We can tailor your charter to your precise needs, assist with planning, coordinate the logistics and manage your safety.

Working with you
Mobilising equipment and personnel to undertake operations on the water is expensive, time consuming and not without risk. That’s why when you charter one of our Plymouth-based survey vessels or facilities, you get more than just a boat or floating classroom. You get the knowledge and experience of our marine engineers and qualified local skippers who are fully committed to ensuring your charter with us is a complete success and meets all of your objectives.

Why this service

Echo Explorer

  • Coded for operations out to 60 miles offshore

  • Can accommodate up to 12 personnel

  • Four moonpools; various sizes

  • Survey equipment mounting brackets on bow

  • On-board WiFi/ 4G connectivity/ UPS

Sound Surveyor

  • Coded for operations out to 60 miles offshore

  • Can accommodate up to 12 personnel

  • 500 kg WWL deck crane for equipment deployment

  • Spacious cabin and open back deck

  • Port and starboard inboard moonpools

Pier House

  • Flexible classroom and client meeting space

  • AV and guess wifi included

  • Fully equipped boathouse and workshop

  • Private slipway for launching vessels

  • Onsite accommodation and private parking


  • 7 m Tornado RHIB, 80 hp motor

  • Perfect trails safety and support vessel

  • 300 m rated Falcon ROV

  • 14 kg payload

  • Can carry numerous Sonardyne sensors

Our services add value to your operations