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DVL family of navigation instruments

For ROVs, AUVs and USVs. Standalone or combined navigators to save you payload.

Our Doppler velocity logs (DVLs) underpin navigation for your surface and underwater platforms with high precision velocity measurements over a wide range of seabed types and altitudes.

Standard output telegrams make it simple to integrate them into third party navigation systems, whilst industry standard output telegrams support separate use by ROV and survey teams. Choose between a standalone 600 kHz Syrinx or SPRINT-Nav; our family of all-in-one DVL-inertial hybrid navigators.

Syrinx And SPRINT-Nav. Track Down Our DVL

Updating your vehicle’s DVL is easy; we’ve designed Syrinx to be a straight replacement for popular models

Fly higher, explore deeper. Our DVLs maintain bottom lock at high altitude and are depth rated up to 6,000 m

SPRINT-Navs integrate a Syrinx DVL, pressure sensor and inertial engine all-in-one; the ultimate vehicle navigator

Saves time. Saves cost. Saves payload space

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Integrates a full Syrinx 400 kHz or 600 kHz DVL, pressure sensor and SPRINT acoustically-aided INS. Supports complex survey and navigation missions using ROVs and AUVs.

DVL frequency 600 kHz or 400 kHz
Dimensions 240 x 395 mm
Depth rating 4,000/6,000 m
Maximum altitude 175 m or 230 m
Telegrams Industry standard
OEM option No

Syrinx DVL

A 400 or 600 kHz DVL that offers the altitude performance of a 1200 kHz DVL with the precision of a 300 kHz. Integrated ADCP. UK made for easy export.

DVL frequency 400 or 600 kHz
Depth rating 4,000/6,000 m
Maximum Altitude 230 m
Telegrams All common
OEM Option Yes


Three ROV instruments in one; a 500 kHz Syrinx-derived DVL, hybrid AHRS and depth sensor. Pre-calibrated from the factory and quick to mobilise.

DVL frequency 500 KHz
Dimensions 149 x 213 mm
Depth rating 300/4,000 m
Maximum altitude 200 m
Telegrams Industry standard
OEM option No

Saves time. Saves cost. Saves payload space