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What are the differences between a ROVNav 6+ and Mini ROVNav 6+ ?

21 June 2021

You will find out the main differences between each of these pieces of kit and which one will suit your requirements.

The ROVNav 6+ and Mini ROVNav 6+ share many of the same capabilities and technology. Both can be used for both ranging and telemetry. However, the most notable difference between them is the size and weight. The Mini ROVNav 6+ is less than half the diameter of the ROVNav 6+ main housing and two thirds of the length, as well as the total system weight being less than a quarter of the ROVNav 6+, meaning that it can be used on much smaller platforms and autonomous vehicles.

In comparison the larger ROVNav 6+ has additional features such as a remote transceiver, can transmit at greater range of frequencies over longer ranges or in noisy environments, has higher accuracy sensors than the Mini ROVNav 6+, and can also be fitted with additional sensors such as a high precision strain gauge.

ROVNav 6+ Min ROVNav 6+
Depth Rating 3000m/5000m/7000m 3000m
Dimensions (L x D) 768mm x 200mm 504mm x 93mm
Weight in Air/Water Housing 15.5/6kg 5.1/2.2 kg
Transducer 3.3/2.8kg
Cable 2.7/1.4kg
Transmit source level 187-196 dB 181-187 dB
Range precision Better than 15mm Better than 15mm
Battery life (listening) 3 Days >7 Days
Operating voltage 24 or 48 V dc (+/-10%) 24 or 48 V dc (+/-10%)
Serial comms connector Subcomm 8 way (female) MCBH8M

For more information about these products and for help deciding which is more suitable for your needs, please contact your local Sonardyne office.


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