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Opening a .DJF file on Sonardyne De Novo Job Viewer

12 May 2022

It is common procedure to ask a customer to supply a .cef file when investigating a customer issue. A .DJF file is contained within a .cef file and contains information on various settings, equipment used, software/firmware versions etc.

Sonardyne has a webpage called De Novo Job Viewer that reads a .DJF file an provides the information in a readable format.

Providing Ranger 2 or Marksman have been installed, the link to the webpage will be stored at the following local file location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sonardyne\Ranger2\Jobs

Select “DeNovoJobViewer.html”.

Right click on “DeNovoJobViewer.html”, and select “Open with” “Internet Explorer”.

The following message will be displayed at the bottom of the Internet Explorer browser:

Click “Allow blocked content”.

The following page will be displayed:

A .DJF file can be selected using the following browse bar:

An example loaded .DJF file is shown below:


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