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How can I get the best performance from my long layback tracking operations?

24 June 2021

Here are some things to consider when planning a long layback towfish USBL tracking job.

If extreme range is required, our LMF (Low Medium Frequency) HPT transceiver system reduces absorption and therefore may be better suited to the task. However performance will depend on the noise signature of your vessel so make sure you have a good understanding of this.

Next, choose a transponder with a high acoustic output such as a directional 5,000 or 7,000 m rated WMT. If space on your vehicle allows, use a Compatt 6 as it has twice the acoustic power. In either case, always use Wide Band 2+ signals to get double the energy into the water.

Angle your beacon to point towards your vessel and set it to Responder mode for the fastest possible position update rates. Tilting the transceiver can open the face to vessel noise and reduce effective range so if your vessel is noisy, inverted USBL (iUSBL) could be the answer.

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