Fetch is a long-life subsea sensor logging node that enables data to be wirelessly extracted via its integrated high speed acoustic modem with a battery life option of up to 10 years. It can be free fall deployed to the seabed and will land in an upright position. This reduces deployment time and cost.

Fetch can be configured with an array of different sensors dependent on the monitoring application. Standard sensors include high accuracy pressure, temperature and sound velocity as well as inclination. Other sensors can be integrated internally or externally as required.

The ultra-low power subsea sensor logging node powers up sensors only when required and logs and timestamps the data to an SD memory card.

The sampling regime can be configured serially before deployment and via the acoustic modem which is also used to recover the data to the surface. The 9000 bits per second modem transfer rate enables data to be extracted in minimal vessel time so reducing operational costs.

High capacity primary lithium battery packs enable deployments of many years, dependent on sensor selection and sampling rate.

Fetch is compatible with our Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning systems for positioning during deployment/recovery. When the mission is complete, Fetch can be acoustically commanded to release from its stand and return to the surface under its own buoyancy ready for collection.