SPRINT-Nav Mini – Hybrid Acoustic-Inertial Navigator

    215 mm tall by 149 mm in diameter; the industry’s smallest all-in-one hybrid acoustic-inertial subsea navigator
    Hybrid synergies drastically improves heading, velocity, depth and altitude compared to using separate instruments
    Fly higher - 500 KHz DVL maintains bottom lock at up to 200 m altitude
    Replaces three separate instruments; AHRS, DVL and pressure sensor - saving you cost, cabling and payload
    Easy to integrate, simple to operate

    Need reliable vehicle guidance but you’re tight on space? SPRINT-Nav Mini is the way forward.

    SPRINT-Nav Mini fuses AHRS, DVL and depth data into a single, lightweight instrument, giving you fast, precise and robust guidance and control information. So, no more drifting off station because you’ve lost bottom lock and no more depth variation because your pressure sensor is affected by wave action. Factory pre-calibration makes commissioning worry free.

    SPRINT-Nav Mini is the world’s smallest hybrid acoustic-inertial navigator. An all-in-one subsea navigation instrument with performance beyond its size. It replaces separate AHRS, DVL and depth sensors. Less cabling. Fewer connectors. Simpler to mobilise. SPRINT-Nav Mini, like all instruments in the SPRINT-Nav family, is more than the sum of its parts.

    Measuring in 215 mm in height, 149 mm in diameter and weighing in at approximately 3.6 kg in air – or 7.1 kg for the 4000 m depth version – for something so small, SPRINT-Nav Mini packs a big punch for observation-class, electric and drill support work-class ROVs. Use it also in support of unmanned systems working in GPS denied environments, as well as towfish, diver swim-boards and swimmer delivery vehicles.

    SPRINT-Nav Mini is powered by the same hybrid acoustic-inertial navigation algorithm you’ll find inside our established SPRINT-Nav family. This combines the strengths of all the sensors contained within to provide robust, precise and accurate outputs. It continues to work even in challenging environments and provides a continuous stream of orientation, velocities, depth and altitude at up to 200 updates per second.

    SPRINT-Nav Mini arrives pre-calibrated from the factory, meaning there is no need to manoeuvre your vehicle every time the unit is mobilised. SPRINT-Nav Mini does the thinking for you, all in a single plug-and-play unit. Turn it on, give it a latitude, and away you go. However, despite its extremely small size, it’s still a true north seeking gyrocompass which won’t drift over time unlike MEMS-based systems. The output can be fed directly to your own (or a third party) user interface or vehicle control software. The simple Web User Interface makes set up and configuration painless. It could not be any simpler.

    Two versions of SPRINT-Nav Mini are available; a 300 m, and a 4000 m depth rated unit.

    Why SPRINT-Nav Mini


    • Ideally suited for subsea vehicle guidance, control and navigation
    • Size, weight and power optimised; perfect for smaller vehicles
    • Powered by our class-leading SPRINT hybrid navigation engine
    • Gyrocompass simplicity with hybrid acoustic-inertial navigation performance
    • Cheaper than the three separate sensors it replaces; DVL, AHRS and pressure sensor


    • 215 x 149 mm, 3.6 kg weight in air (300 m version), 7.1 kg (4000 m version)
    • Acetal Copolymer (300 m) or Titanium (4000 m) housing construction
    • Mounting plate, choice of top or bottom mounting location
    • 11-pin Size-A CRE connectors x 2. Custom connectors on request
    • User friendly Web UI makes it easy to integrate and simple to operate


    • 300 m and 4,000 m depth rated options
    • Heading accuracy 0.5° (secant latitude)
    • 0.1° Pitch/Roll accuracy
    • Better than 0.4 cm/s velocity precision (<2 m/s at 50 m altitude)
    • 0.3/200 m min/max altitude
    • 0.1% FS depth
    • Up to 200 Hz output rate


    • What’s in the box: SPRINT-Nav Mini, mounting plate, test lead and cable tail
    • Warranty: 1 year return to Sonardyne service centre
    • ITAR Controlled: No
    • UK Export License: TBC

    More about this product

    SPRINT-Nav Mini Specifications and Datasheet


    Feature SPRINT-Nav Mini 300 m SPRINT-Nav Mini 4,000 m
    Heading Accuracy 0.5° (sec lat  
    Pitch Roll Accuracy 0.1°  
    Angular Rate Range ±450°/s  
    Angular Rate Precision <0.01°/s  
    Velocity Precision (<2 m/s at 50 m altitude)  <0.4 cm/s  
    Altitude Range 0.3 m to 200 m  
    Altitude Precision <1 cm  
    Altitude Accuracy <1%  
    Depth Range 0 to 4000 m  
    Depth Precision <0.2 cm  
    Depth Accuracy 0.1% FS  
    Power Requirements 24 V dc, 10 W nominal  


    UDP/TCP, WebUI
    3x RS232
    2 x trigger inputs (1PPS/DVL trigger)
    Data Output Rate 200 Hz (user selectable)  
    Construction POM-C Titanium
    Housing Diameter x Height (including connectors) Ø149 x 215 mm Ø149 x 215 mm
    Weight Air/Water 3.6/0.7 kg 7.1/4.2 kg
    Depth Rating 300 m 4,000 m
    Operating Temperature -5 to 50°C  
    Storage Temperature -25 to 55°C  


    To request a manual simply tick the box next to the manual you require and then press the Request Form button. You will then be able to request addition manuals for other products and your request will be emailed to our Customer Support Team who will reply to your enquiry. Alternatively please contact your local office who will be more than happy to help.

    User Manual - SPRINT-Nav Mini
    QSG - SPRINT-Nav Mini

    • Manuals Request


      Do I need to calibrate the Sprint-Nav Mini?

      No, the Sprint-Nav Mini is precalibrated before it leaves the factory. This is all about speed of mobilisation so there is no need to spend time aligning your DVL, AHRS and depth sensor.

      Why have you chosen FOG, rather than RLG sensors?

      We chose FOG over RLG because we wanted the smallest possible gyro that was still capable of finding north. It was a question of finding a good compromise for space, size, power and cost.

      Can I use it on an AUV as well as a ROV?

      We are currently engaging with AUV manufacturers to ensure that the system is ready for their applications. If you are working with AUVs get in touch with us and we will work with you too.

      What kind of help is there for integration with my kit?

      The system is very simple to implement. Sonardyne is unique in having an Application Engineering team at the ready to support customers with all our product integrations. We’ll hold your hand to ensure you receive the best advice and value.

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