The Navigation Sensor Hub (NSH) forms part of a Navigation Processor; a ‘one-box’ solution designed to meet the complete on-board requirements of any acoustic operation.

The NSH is the interface between the in-water acoustic instruments, sensors and the Navigation Computer which runs the acoustics positioning software. In addition to accurately time-stamping incoming data from external devices such as gyro, VRU and GPS, the NSH also provides power and communications for ship-borne acoustic transceivers.

A range of hardware interface cards are available for interfacing Sonardyne transceivers and external sensors. By simply plugging these cards into the rear of the unit, the role of the Navigation Sensor Hub can be transformed from supporting simple to complex acoustic operations.

The NSH includes an IEEE-1588/PTP precision time source that can be linked to GPS PPS input. Multiple NSHs automatically synchronise their clocks. All incoming data is time stamped to sub-microsecond accuracy; outgoing transmissions and triggers can be scheduled to the same precision.

Depending on the application (DP, drilling or survey operations), the NSH can be configured in stand-alone, dual-independent or dual-redundant modes.