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How to connect to the Lodestar within a Gyro USBL via an NSH

05 September 2022

To connect to the Lodestar within a Gyro USBL via an NSH follow the procedure below.

Equipment required:

  • Gyro USBL 5000/7000
  • Latest version of Lodestar PC utility
  • Navigation Sensor Hub (NSH)


1. Exit all other programs on the Marine PC.

2. The NSH should be switched on and confirm the Lodestar slot and port connections as this information will be used in the connection step later in this procedure.

3. Run the Lodestar PC Utility program (a shortcut should be displayed on the desktop or use the Start menu).

4. Click Connect (the PC Port information may be different from the screenshot for your system, and this is automatically populated by the program and should not be changed).

5. After the NSH IP Address is displayed, click OK.

6. Note the Connection to Lodestar should be set to the IP tab. The IP Address, Socket ID should be automatically populated. Ensure the Connect To NSH and 48 V On fields are selected. The NSH Port should correspond to the NSH information from step 2 above.

7. The Baud Rate, Data Bits, Parity and Stop Bits should be left at default. Multiplexed should not be selected. Now click Auto Detect.

8. The program will now search for the Lodestar connection and when detected will display the following windows. Click OK.

9. On the following window, click OK.

10. If the Lodestar connection is successful, the following information will be displayed.

If the software fails to auto detect, select the correct NSH port, 48 V on and the multiplex box selected and then click Connect.

If you still have issues connecting to a Gyro USBL, contact for assistance.

Please include information such as:

  • Vessel name
  • GyroUSBL serial number
  • Screenshots of any troubleshooting from the PC utility software

Contact for more information.


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