Our Dynamic Positioning Transponder 6 is designed to be used as a seabed reference transponder by USBL acoustic positioning systems, installed on many Dynamically Positioned (DP) vessels. The Dynamic Positioning Transponder 6 (DPT 6) supports Sonardyne’s latest Wideband®2 acoustic ranging and telemetry providing high accuracy positioning, robust performance in noisy and multipath conditions and easy set-up and use. With hundreds of channels, less interference to and from other acoustic systems and multi-user capability, Wideband 2 enables easier SIMOPS vessel capability. These features of the DPT 6 help de-risk subsea operations and save vessel time and cost.

The DPT 6 is the standard length version and is based on the field proven mechanics of the previous version but with improvements to the end cap closure mechanisms. The design offers the perfect balance between size, acoustic output and battery life. Several depth ratings are available: 3,000 m, 5,000 m and 7,000 m, all hard anodised aluminium alloy with protective polyurethane sleeve. Midi (shorter) and Maxi (long endurance) options are also available. The DPT is fitted as standard with a highly reliable release mechanism to enable the unit to be deployed in a flotation collar and recovered to the surface without ROV intervention.

The DPT 6 is a midi-sized unit for deep water towfish tracking. Depth rated to 7,000 metres, the unit is fitted with a high power super directional transducer. The DPTi 6 is fitted with internal inclinometers to accurately monitor riser angles (see separate datasheet). The unit can also be used with an external inclinometer unit to monitor BOP and flex joint angles.