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How to correctly set a DPT 6 release mechanism

24 June 2021

If set incorrectly, your DPT 6 release mechanism can become damaged; it might fail to open or sinker weights may fail prematurely when lifted off the back deck. Use the following method to ensure the release is set correctly and safely.

There is a hole in the lever arm of the release and another in the side plate. Insert a 4 mm Allen key into the lever arm hole. Make sure the supplied stainless steel shackle is situated and push the Allen key towards the body of the DPT 6 to move the lever arm into place. We only use the best quality shackles; cheaper alternatives are available, but using these can put your equipment at risk.

Keeping pressure on the Allen key, insert a screwdriver in the side plate hole, across the top of the lever arm and out of the other side plate. You can now relax and remove the Allen key as the screwdriver will keep the lever arm in place.

Using 6G Terminal Lite software or an iWand, ‘Arm’ and then ‘Close’ the release. The motorised cam will close, locking the lever arm in place.

Once this is complete, remove the screwdriver, attach the weights to the shackle and your release is set.

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