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Survey Support Group (SSG)

Helping you get the most from your Sonardyne technology

The SSG brings together senior Sonardyne survey staff, each possessing expert level product knowledge and operational experience, to help you prepare and run large offshore projects.

At a glance

Fully trained and experienced offshore personnel

Designed to de-risk your operations; saving time, reducing project delays

Specialists in optimising Sonardyne technology for complex, real-world applications

Available for tasks including; array planning, interfacing, procedure review, equipment spread and system setup

Surveyors available to work remotely or offshore as part of your team

Free technology workshops to keep you up-to-date on best practise

Our services add value to your operations

Find out more about how we can help you

Benefits of this service for your operations

For energy

The services offered by the SSG ensure that you get the very best performance from your Sonardyne acoustic positioning and inertial navigation technology for oil, gas and renewables projects.

For defence

If you’re new to deploying Sonardyne technology, the SGG will help you get your systems working to their full potential with correct procedures followed and the best settings selected.

For science

Make every minute collecting science data count with help and advice from the SSG – either alongside your marine crew or remotely accessing and fine tuning your equipment settings.


The SSG was setup to help companies in the offshore survey and construction industry to make the most effective use of their Sonardyne acoustic positioning and inertial navigation technologies.

The service which helps to de-risks projects, reduce equipment spreads and save vessel time, has now been extended to support a wider range of our technologies, organisations working in defence and science, and operational services where our surveyors work directly for you; either in person or remotely located.

Underpinning the SSG is the five decades of knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated. Each team member has direct experience of every type of marine environment, and assisted on every type of project; from installing large oilfield structures to search and salvage. Their knowledge also feeds back into our research and development activities to ensure future products meet your needs.

Planning makes perfect
The SSG’s goal is to make sure that when your project gets underway, you’ve got the right spread of hardware deployed, the right operational procedures defined, and the right settings set in hardware and software to ensure success.

Within energy, the SSG regularly assist survey companies and contracting companies when planning the size and configuration of seabed transponder arrays. These might be for a one-off project, for example, precision spool piece metrology, or increasingly, a complete life-of-field network.

The SSG has at its disposal a number of exclusive performance predication and simulation tools for USBL, LBL and INS. In the case of an LBL array planning, the team can use the process to calculate whether transponders deployed on the seabed will be able to ‘see’ each other and acoustically communicate. Using the software, the group is able to produce a number of different array plans until they arrive at a design that meets the positioning specification of your project.

Project simulation
Project simulation is a logical risk minimiser and at our sea trials centre in Plymouth, south-west England, the SSG can demonstrate all types of USBL, LBL and INS operations with hardware deployed in the water. This ensures that potential problems or operational complications can be identified and overcome beforehand, and you’re able to familiarise yourself with the project set-up and system configuration prior to mobilisation.

Technology workshops
The SSG regularly run workshops to demonstrate the way in which a company might approach a particular project, highlighting the operational efficiency gains of our latest innovations. The workshops are free to attend and are run in-person internationally or online. Get in touch if you want to attend.

Why this service

Our team

  • Qualified surveyors and engineers certified to work offshore

  • Experts in complex LBL, INS and USBL operations

  • Specialist knowledge of, and access to, Sonardyne products, systems and in-house tools

  • Familiar with a wide range of offshore operations

  • Works for, and reports to, you when on assignment

Planning and consultancy

  • Helps lower risk, vessel time and project costs

  • Identifies opportunities to adopt new methodologies and innovations

  • Access to specialist performance modelling tools

  • Detailed advice and review of operational procedures

  • Can include services such as simulation ahead of live operations

Offshore, in-person

  • 12 hour shift patterns; 24 hour coverage with two SSG surveyors

  • Report directly to your survey party chief to operate any Sonardyne system

  • Familiar with a wide range of offshore operations

  • Available to optimise system performance, conduct health checks and mentor your team

  • Available for long trips in line with crew change regulations

Offshore, remotely located

  • Simple logistics; no visa, travel, medical or security to arrange

  • Improves safety and reduces carbon footprint of your operation

  • Only pay when you use the service; no waiting on vessel or weather downtime

  • Up to 12 hour shift patterns; option for 24 coverage

  • Multiple access options including remote desktop viewers and ROAM communications portal

Our services add value to your operations